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The State of IT Security [Infographic]

We all know about threats to the valuable data we store everyday, we hear about them all the time. There’s always some anonymous hacker shutting down a website, or publishing someones private data. It’s just something that has become part of living in the age of information. After all, you can’t have so much information so readily available and not …

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At Least Five Major Web-Security Companies Will Not Help Pakistan Censor The Internet

At least five major companies offering information security products will not submit bids to the Pakistani government, which has been openly seeking an internet censor since February. San Diego-based Websense was one of the first to openly reject the offer, announcing in a March 2nd statement: “Websense will not submit a response to this request for proposal (RFP), and we …

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EFF Releases HTTPS Everywhere Extension For Firefox, Chrome

Like it or not, the internet is changing. We who use the internet have passed into the era of uncertain privacy and questionable surveillance of our online activities. Rather than await the full implications of what the Googles and Facebooks are doing with our private information, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Tor have partnered to not only encourage internet users …

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Google Chrome Gets Endorsement From German Government

Google’s adoration from governments is no longer limited to the United States because now they’ve earned some love from Germany. In a statement released this week, the Federal Office for Information Security made several recommendations for PC users running Windows on how to use the Internet safely. Several topics are covered, such as virus protection software and ISPs, and when …

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Good To Know: Google Advertises Offline To Attract People Online

If it starts to look like the things you typically see online are starting to spill over into Real Life, you’re not imagining things. For one reason or another, Google has decided to launch an in-print and outdoor ad campaign to promote their Good to Know campaign, a mission to “help people stay safe on the Internet and manage the …

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Norton Goes Viral With Dokken and Kimbo Slice

Norton, the makers of the popular security software, has rolled out their latest advertising campaign, and let’s just say it’s an interesting one. The commercials feature 80’s metal band Dokken and famed street fighter Kimbo Slice.

Be honest, you did a double take with that last sentence didn’t you? No you read it correctly.

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