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Technology Subreddit Goes Dark In Protest Of CISPA

Last year, all of Reddit went dark in protest of SOPA. It doesn’t look like the site will be doing it again for CISPA, but one of its more popular subreddits will. The popular technology subreddit, which has almost 3 million readers, has gone dark today in protest of CISPA. It’s not like the subreddit has become unavailable, but rather …

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Anonymous Organizes CISPA Blackout, Not Many Web Sites Show Up

The SOPA blackout protest was something else. Google, Wikipedia, Reddit and other major online players blacked out part or all of their Web sites in opposition to a proposed bill that would have given the U.S. government unchecked power to regulate the Internet as it saw fit. Likewise, CISPA gives the government and corporations the ability to share your private …

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Reddit Launches Bus Tour to “Promote the Open Internet”

Emboldened by the part it played in combating the SOPA legislation earlier this year with an “internet blackout,” Reddit has officially announced that it is taking to the road with a bus tour in support of the open internet. In a post over at the Reddit blog, Reddit GM Erik Martin today announced the Internet 2012 Bus Tour. Martin, Reddit …

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MPAA Finds Internet Blackouts To Be “Irresponsible”

Today is the day where many popular sites are blacking out in an effort to protest the anti-piracy bills that certain members of the government are so blindly trying to force down the public’s throat. Granted, the uninformed public out there probably deserves their fate, but thankfully, these folks aren’t the only members of the Internet population; although, they are …

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