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Internet Archive Launches Internet Arcade Internet Archive Launches Internet Arcade

The Internet Archive at archive.org, which has given us great things like the Wayback Machine, has launched the Internet Arcade, a web-based library of arcade games from the 70s, 80s and 90s. You can play these for free right from …

Over 1 Million Classic Films And Books Are Now Available On BitTorrent Over 1 Million Classic Films And Books Are Now Available On BitTorrent
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There is a lot of human culture that gets lost as history marches onward. Some of that history is extremely important for the continued advancement of our species. There are thousands of books, photos and films that have been discarded, …

The Internet Archive Needs Your Help The Internet Archive Needs Your Help

Just because a site is free to use and features a comprehensive database of accessible content doesn’t mean they don’t need money to keep going. In fact, the opposite is true. Just ask the Internet Archive. Much like Wikipedia, the …

Internet Archive Offers 1 Million Books To Visually Impaired

The Internet Archive said today it has made available more than 1 million books to those who are blind, dyslexic and visually impaired.

Who Owns Your Content?
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Have you ever wondered what would happen to your content on third-party sites if those sites ceased to exist? You may own your content on them as it stands now, but what if they went away? 

Would you be ok if your tweets or your status updates disappeared? Discuss here.

Recording the Web’s History
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Have you ever messed around the Wayback Machine? This tool provided at archive.org or Internet Archive, lets you enter any URL and see what it has looked like over time. At least that’s what it is supposed to do.
The earliest incarnation of the Internet Archive, as displayed by the Internet Archive says:

“Kristen’s” MySpace Page Disappears
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UPDATE: Ashley’s (Kristen’s, Spitzer’s girl’s) MySpace page has disappeared once again, and is replaced by someone named Johnny. The article to follow was written earlier before this revelation.

I can’t be certain because I didn’t take a screen shot, but when I first pulled up Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s (aka Kristen, aka Spitzer’s girl) MySpace page, I’m fairly certain she had nine friends listed. I noted it because I thought it was ironic considering the number of the client.

Archive-It Collects Keyword Search

The goals of the Archive-It project, courtesy of the Internet Archive, will be assisted with the addition of keyword search.

Webmaster Settles With IA, Goes After Teenager
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One of the most bizarre Internet stories this year gets more bizarre. Internet Archive and Suzanne Shell have resolved their lawsuits against each other "amicably," a word that follows words like "theft" and "racketeering" about as well as toothpaste follows orange juice. Next on her list: a 15-year-old Canadian jokester. 

Internet Archive V. Shell: The Publicity Aftermath
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After news of Suzanne Shell’s countersuit against Internet Archive surviving by the thread of one non-dismissed claim – the claim that Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine web crawler was guilty of breach of contract by ignoring the site’s terms of use – hit the cyber circuit, a real catfight hissed and scratched its way across the weekend.

You might call it a "flame war," in the traditional Internet sense, but that’s hardly accurate.