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Visualizing the NBA Finals With Interactive Shot Charts

The 2012 NBA Finals start tonight as the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat square off for the right to hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy. As is the case when a popular sports series comes to the surface, the …

Web 2.0 Coming to a Grocery Store Near You?
Microsoft is testing placing ads and an interactive media environment on shopping carts:

Cardholders will be able to visit a website and plan their shopping list that will then appear on a cart-attached screen when they get to the store and swipe their card.

Publishers Will Become Interactive Media Artists

Books Are Losing Relevancy

Google and Amazon are both pushing to sell ebooks directly aggressively. An article in the NYT mentions a new device Amazon will offer for reading ebooks, but I don’t think the problem with books and ebooks is that they need a better reader.

Google now allows you to embed book pasages directly in web pages.