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Vator.tv Puts Innovation On Display

If you’ve got a great idea, but lack a cash flow – or if the opposite happens to be true – Vator.tv may be just the place for you.  The site, which launched yesterday, intends to let “[a]nyone, across all industries, at any stage … share ideas, products, services and businesses with the rest of the world, mainly through video.”

eBay Says Online Retailers Need To Innovate
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In a presentation at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition in San Jose, Gary Briggs, chief marketing officer at eBay said online retailers should think more outside the box.

eBay Says Online Retailers Need To Innovate
“eBay Says Online Retailers Need To Innovate”
eBay Says Online Retailers Need To Innovate
TLE Lowlights: Innovation?

Over the last couple of days you have probably been reading some of the highlights from the recent trip I did to Paris to attend

Net Neutrality Sponsored By Verizon?
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The folks at SavetheInternet.com Coalition should be happy, as they have won two Webby Awards. One for their grassroots campaign to protect Net Neutrality and the other for a video about Net Neutrality. The Webby awards are sponsored in part by phone behemoth Verizon Communications, an irony since they are not friends of the net neutrality movement.

Destroying the Silicon Valley

For some time now, I’ve wondered if my destiny is to destroy the Silicon Valley. I grew up here, the weather is nice, but I’ve watched it change time and again into a massive marketing function too expensive to live in.

Innovation, Maintenance and Open Source

A NetworkWorld article quotes Google’s GM of Enterprise Business as saying:

Knowledge Management Book Review

I have been reading this short book on knowledge management, by Carl Frappaolo, on and off since the Delphi Business Process Innovation Summit.

Java Not True Test of Open Source Innovation

My thesis advisor keeps reminding me to frame the question correctly, otherwise the experimental results will be meaningless.

PubCon: 10 Tips for Successful Innovation
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Guy Kawasaki delivered the opening keynote address at this year’s PubCon. In his talk, he gave a detailed overview outlining ten specific points that innovative companies should heed when developing new products and services.

Grassroots Innovation

Microsoft is the latest company to capitalize on the “customer-made” trend. According to the Mercury News, any game enthusiast can now create video games for the Xbox 360 video console.

Social Currency

Just finished the first session at the Innovation Marketing Conference, which was a presentation by Russ Klein, the CMO of Burger King.

Accelerating the Conversation

When I joined Edelman earlier this year, Richard Edelman made it clear on his blog that digital is the future of the agency.

Cerf on Innovation Journalism, Blogs and Mobile

David Nordfors provided an introduction to Innovation Journalism. I liked his simple definition of the business of journalism: attracting attention that you can sell.

Business Process Innovation

Outsourcing Success Mantra

Why is it Hard to Innovate?

Why is it hard to innovate? What are the obstacles for innovation? Why is innovation success rate is so little? This paper is aimed at discussing these questions on an academic level.

Blogging about innovation

If you have a spare $1,895 sitting around, you might want to consider spending November 30 and December 1 in New York at Fortune magazine’s Innovation Forum.

Innovation and Your Business

On 18 June, 2002 business people across the UK took part in Living Innovation 2002. The extravaganza included a national broadcast linkup from the Eden Project in Cornwall and satellite-televised interviews with successful innovators.

Brand Innovation

John Winsor wrote over on BrandShift a couple weeks ago titled “Ignore the Consumer?”.

Why Europe Fails To Leverage Innovation

A guy has a great idea for a product or service that companies would very likely buy, certainly enough that the idea has money-making potential.

Teaching Large Companies To Think Like The Little Guys

Q: I am an executive at a large company and in our industry we are seeing a trend wherein smaller companies are gaining market share at an alarming rate.

Om Malik On Yahoo’s Lack Of Innovation

A few days ago I put my 2 cents in about how Yahoo made an incredibly stupid move by turning HotJobs into a meta search engine.