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DISH to Add Offline Viewing to its Mobile App

In a move that’s sure to upset TV studios even more, DISH Network today announced that an upcoming version of its DISH Anywhere mobile app will allow customers to fully download shows and movies to their mobile devices. DISH has stated that the feature will roll out in an update to the app sometime before the end of 2013. ‚ÄúResponding …

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Dish Holds a Wake For TV Commercials, Launches the “Hopper” Nationwide

Dish today announced that its “Hopper” DVR with Sling is now available for all customers in the U.S. While other DVRs allow TV watchers to fast-forward through annoying ads, the Hopper “autohop” feature allows Dish customers to skip entire commercial breaks with the press of a button. This doesn’t sit well with content creators, and both Fox and CBS have …

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Fox, CBS, NBC File Suit Against Dish Network Hopper

A couple of weeks ago, Dish Network unveiled and released a new technology which automatically does what we all do anyways. Skip commercials. The Hopper is the kind of technology that can make people switch from the highly superior DirecTV. Basically it allows you to skip commercials from any of the major networks (FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC). Now most of …

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Dish Networks “Hopper” Adds Skip Commercials Feature

Every single TV watcher since the beginning of time (because let’s be real, time didn’t exist before TV was invented, right?) has wished for the ability to instantly skip over the commercials. Well now that technology is finally here. I know we put a man on the moon in 1969, but in 2012? We can skip commercials, take that 69′. …

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