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Yahoo Aims to Mainstream Hadoop with New Security and Workflow Offerings

Yahoo made a significant announcement at its Hadoop Summit today. The company says it’s made significant enhancements to the open source software, accelerating the potential for enterprise-wide adoption by mainstream businesses.

Amazon Introduces Elastic MapReduce
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Amazon Web Services has introduced the public beta of Amazon Elastic MapReduce, a cloud computing service that allows businesses, researchers, data analysts and developers to process large amounts of data.

Yahoo Gives Hadoop A Big Hug

Yahoo’s done one impressive thing after another since Microsoft threatened to acquire it, and now, in a step that should make the open source community proud, Yahoo has announced that it’s running "the world’s largest Hadoop application, a 10,000 core Linux cluster producing data used by the Yahoo! Search Webmap."

Yahoo Adds New Blog To Developer Network

Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo announced today that Yahoo will feature a blog on the Yahoo Developer Network focused on Hadoop.

Yahoo, Carnegie Mellon Switch On Supercomputer

The M45 supercomputer provided by Yahoo opened its ports to its partners at Carnegie Mellon University, where the initiative should help boost research that benefits the broader Internet community.