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Team GhostShell Ends 2012 With A Bang, Dumps 1.6 Million Public Agency Records

Christmas is the season of giving, and infamous hacker collective Team GhostShell apparently wanted to celebrate by leaking over a million public agency records. It’s all a part of #ProjectWhiteFox, a movement to promote freedom of information on the Internet. Team GhostShell linked to a pastebin press release on its Twitter account yesterday announcing its last hack of the year. …

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Anonymous Attacks Vatican For Third Time in One Week

It’s been a hard past week for the Vatican’s online presence. Since members of Anonymous declared war on religion last Monday, and as a part of the latest retaliatory cyber attacks following the indictment of several suspected hackers, Vatican servers have been targeted at least three times. First they took down the Vatican homepage, then they broke into a Vatican …

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[Exclusive] Can Hackers Create a SOPA-Proof Internet?

What’s the shortest distance between two points? If you said a straight line, then you just earned a self-high five. We here at WebProNews we have already given you a guide on how to navigate the post-SOPA Internet, but suppose there was an alternative that would obviate any need to even deal with an Internet burdened with the bureaucratic cangue …

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