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PayPal Acquires Iron Pearl To Help It Grow

PayPal announced on Thursday that it has acquired Iron Pearl, a customer acquisition startup. Iron Pearl was founded by Stan Chudnovsky and James Currier, who will serve as Vice President of Growth and Growth Advisor, respectively. PayPal says its new growth team will focus on growing its customer base and engaging existing customers more actively, using data to develop marketing …

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Pinterest MAUs Explode Last Month

Experian Hitwise, a consumer behavior analyst firm, is reporting that social media site Pinterest is growing by leaps and bounds. Last month alone, the company grew by 21%, making it a a top 30 company for pageviews. @Hitwise_USExperian HitwisePintererst total US page views increased 21% in Feb-12 & ranks among the top-30 US sites overall in terms of total page …

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Reddit Grew Leaps And Bounds Last Year

Reddit is huge – that fact can not be understated. The site has turned into one of the largest hubs of information on the Web where people keep each other informed or share stories of life’s triumphs and trials. Just how big did Reddit grow last year though? Reddit provided those numbers to The Daily Dot who made a handy …

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Could Manufacturing Save The U.S. Economy?

While economic growth in the United States is expected to slow in the first quarter of 2012, the manufacturing industry is expected to grow. In the past two years manufactureres have added 330,000 new jobs. Part of the reason for this growth has to do with rising costs in foreign manufacturing. When costs rise elsewhere, manufacturing in the United States …

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IBM: Teaching Organizations How to Grow

While Facebook and Twitter are keeping people connected to make the world a smaller place, IBM is working on selling similar types of software to organizations to help them communicate more efficiently with different segments of their business. Imagine being able to find the right expert at the right time, just by searching a database of your companies emails and …

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