PayPal Acquires Iron Pearl To Help It Grow

PayPal Acquires Iron Pearl To Help It Grow

By Chris Crum April 12, 2013

PayPal announced on Thursday that it has acquired Iron Pearl, a customer acquisition startup. Iron Pearl was founded by Stan Chudnovsky and James Currier, who will serve as Vice President of Growth and Growth Advisor, respectively. PayPal says its new …

Facebook Partnership Boosts Spotify Sign Ups Facebook Partnership Boosts Spotify Sign Ups

While the fallout from Facebook’s f8 conference focuses directly on privacy and user data gathering, and the requisite backlash once the new features went live, there are some success stories to be told as well. Just ask Spotify. Since the …

Google+ Growth Outpaces Twitter, Facebook by Lengths and Bounds Google+ Growth Outpaces Twitter, Facebook by Lengths and Bounds

Undoubtedly fueled by the perceived exclusivity, coupled with the tech/geek crowd absolutely embracing it, when it comes to initial growth, Google+ is absolutely lapping Twitter and Facebook in terms of reaching certain milestones. In this case, the milestone being discussed …

What Bing Is Doing to Stay Strong in Search

Recent search data from Experian Hitwise, comScore, and, most recently Compete, all indicate that Bing is gaining market share. Interestingly, the data also shows that Google’s market share has dropped slightly. According to Stefan Weitz, a director with Bing, the search engine has grown every month since its launch.

The Growth of Twitter and Facebook Use By Age Demographic

As I noted in my last article about the subtle shifts happening within MySpace, social network audience demographics are always on the move.

Predictions Made About Social Media Growth

Forrester Research is holding its own conference down in Orlando and has just revealed its predictions for the growth of online advertising. The bottom line is that social media and mobile will be the hottest, but just about everything will see an upward trend.

Twitter Experiences 1,392% Growth In February

Most of us would be happy in this economy for any growth that occurred between Feb of 2008 and Feb of 2009. 10 percent would be fine. 50% would be amazing. 100% growth gets you rock star status. So if you are Twitter and Nielsen gave you the news that your subscriber base grew 1,392% in that period you may need to change your shorts.

Friday the 13th Sees Facebook Hit 175M Active Users

Some of us measure our popularity in the number of Facebook friends we have. Facebook measures its popularity in the number of “active users” it has—and that number hit 175,000,000 on Friday the 13th, according to a Tweet from Dave Morin of Facebook.

Facebook Lowers Ad Cost With 32% Growth

Last week, we took a look at Facebook’s financials and wondered if the social networking giant is headed for financial ruin, despite—or even because of—118% worldwide growth, 32% US growth (monthly unique visitors). Many commentators argued that any company would be overjoyed with even 32% growth. Unfortunately, that kind of thinking is the exact thinking that has brought Facebook to this point—and now Facebook’s ad rates have fallen 50%.

The Blogosphere Is Expanding

Two weeks ago, I gave a class on blogging.

Kijiji Shows Solid Growth
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If, outside of this article, you haven’t heard of Kijiji, here’s betting you will.  According to new numbers from comScore, eBay’s Craigslist-like property has seen some pretty impressive increases in unique visitor stats.

AOL Experiences Interesting January Growth

Companies are always trying to pass off deceiving statements or misleading data, and we pride ourselves on being suspicious types.  January AOL numbers have been presented by Frank Gruber, however, and they look pretty good in terms of both believability and AOL’s performance.

WordPress Sees Huge Growth in 2007

Here are some numbers about blogging and social networking sites according to Nielsen Online. They just released November’s numbers on the top 10 social networking sites. The biggest gainers are Flixster (where you share movie reviews) and LinkedIn, a social network for professionals.


Facebook’s Growth Unaffected By Beacon

Skeptical investors have decided that Facebook does not abide by the “another day, another dollar” rule.  It does, however, follow an “another month, more traffic” guideline, and the latest Compete stats prove the social network’s adherence to this trend.

Vint Cerf Foresees Growth

Children are illogical and unpredictable little things, but their parents are still among the best-qualified people to calculate their futures.  And when Vint Cerf recently discussed the future of the Internet, much of the conversation focused on the concept of “bigger.”

Reputation Management & Legal Threats

When a company’s reputation comes under attack, it can be tempting to bring in the company attorney and fire off a "cease and desist" letter. Unless you’re responding to something that is clearly libelous, trying to cover up your mess by threatening the messenger usually backfires–in a big way.

TV Growth To Increase More Than Online Video

Growth in television viewing will increase more than time spent watching online video through 2012 and attracting a large audience for Internet video could take even longer according Bain & Co.