[Exclusive] Reload The Love! App Assesses Facebook’s Emotional Utility

[Exclusive] Reload The Love! App Assesses Facebook’s Emotional Utility

By Drew Bowling January 4, 2012

Ever get caught in one of those moments when you log onto Facebook and felt yourself, maybe surprisingly, disappointed that you have zero notifications, zero friend requests, and zero messages? It’s like being the permanent resident of Lonely Town, Population: …

Removing The Technorati Greasemonkey Script
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In response to my previous post about unlimited API queries, I was urged by David Sifry, CEO of Technorati, to contact the Technorati developers and work out a way to get my script working through the API.

Web 2.0 And APIs

Every self respecting search engine has one, loads of other sites have one, and lots of people are using them to make great new stuff: Application Programming Interfaces or API’s. There’s a big but on some of them though

Greasemonkey Unites Gmail, Google Reader

Gmail has become pretty much omnipresent in its popularity, and Google Reader also received positive reviews after its last round of tweaks. Now, Mihai Parparita, a member of the Google Reader team, has combined the two. Users of his Greasemonkey script will be able to receive feeds in Gmail.

Finally Got Gmail Chat

Google’s Chat in Gmail has been rolling out slowly to everyone, and now that I’ve got it, here are some screenshots and thoughts.

Microsoft Guy Talking Firefox Extensions? Huh?

Yesterday at Northern Voice we had a panel discussion called “geeking out.”

Ten More Wikipedia Hacks

About a month ago I blogged about my 10 favorite Wikipedia “hacks.” (Some prefer I call these tips.)

Yahoo Raises Firefox Y!Q

Users of Firefox were unimpressed when Yahoo implemented Y!Q contextual search in its toolbar for Internet Explorer, but now have the option for their preferred browser.

Rough Week For Firefox Team

It probably hasn’t been a fun week over at the Firefox team: News.com: Coding misstep forces new Firefox release.

Put Add to My Web Links on Google

If you find yourself on Google occasionally and would like “add to my web” links on the search results, I have a Greasemonkey script for you.

GreaseMonkey Develops Gmail Delete Button Script

The absence of a delete button from Gmail’s available action buttons can be puzzling to some. However, Google does not want people to delete their emails and this is made known by the claim “Don’t throw anything away. 2297.829967 megabytes (and counting) of free storage so you’ll never need to delete another message.”

Customize Google And Gmail
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Add Google Suggest to the Google homepage; Remove Ads from Google; Auto-save emails in Gmail, while you type; Gmail delete button, to easily delete messages; Make all “mailto:” links point to Gmail…

Google Up A Card Trick

Check out Bondoogle, a card trick performed using Google. The trick works like so: Have the person pick a card, try to guess the card, and get it wrong.