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Does LinkedIn Intro Give You ‘Shivers’ Or B2B Email Optimism?

LinkedIn launched a new email tool this week that is actually pretty innovative, and could have a significant impact on business to business email communications. Security experts are not sold on it, however, with one notable industry voice saying that from a security and privacy point of view, it “sends shivers down my spine.” The tool is called LinkedIn Intro, …

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Yahoo Mail Gets ‘Very Serious’ About Security

Update: A Yahoo spokesperson tells WebProNews, “In addition to making https a default feature by January 2014 for all Yahoo Mail users, we plan to implement 2048-bit encryption keys, which will provide our users with a further layer of security.” Yahoo has not been making the best headlines in the realms of Yahoo Mail or security lately, but now, they’ve …

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Even After Yahoo Defends Itself, Security Expert Still Calls Email Address Plan ‘Trash’

Yahoo has raised a pretty good amount of concern regarding account security with a recently announced move to shut down inactive Yahoo IDs and email addresses and give them to other users that desire them. As previously reported, security experts and others in the industry have been criticizing the company, calling the move names like “stupid,” “moronic,” and “a terrible …

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