Do You Google Yourself? If So, You’re in the Majority

Do You Google Yourself? If So, You’re in the Majority

By Josh Wolford September 30, 2013 | 1 Comment

If you say that you never give in to temptation and Google yourself, well, there’s a pretty strong chance that you’re lying. According to new research from Pew, a majority of American adults admit to looking themselves up online – …

Google Docs Drops In Folders
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The updated Google Docs & Spreadsheets offers folders for organizing documents, along with a few new enhancements.

Google Apps Not Ready For Prime Time

Judging by one domain administrator’s experience with Google Apps and email, Google’s claims that it is not competing with Microsoft for the productivity space has a ring of truth.

Don’t Let Your Online Identity Ruin Your Life
It’s not just potential employers that are Googling your name, you also have to worry about your next date doing the same. According to AP, more people than ever are using Google as a free background checker, before deciding whether to risk dinner and a movie with someone.

Google Notebook Grows Up, Learns Languages

Yet another Google Labs product has made it into the real world; behold Google Notebook in its non-beta glory.  The tool has gained the ability to “speak 17 other languages besides English,” but would-be users shouldn’t expect much in the way of additional improvements.

Ask Mocks Googling

Unlike its much more heavily visited search competitor Google, Ask.com has no problem with its brand name being a dictionary word. The search engine industry needs more Scott McNealy-style chippiness between its respective companies.

Google Keeps Fretting Over Googling

Merriam-Webster’s and the Oxford English Dictionary’s addition of “Google” to their multitude of pages as a verb has given Google fits, and the company has been desperately trying to fight the genericizing of their trademark name.

Forget Googling, Go Ahead And Yahoo

Upon hearing that the big name in search has been objecting strenuously to having its name used as a verb, Yahoo decided to have some fun with the controversy.

Google Says Googling Is Inappropriate

Recently, the Washington Post received a letter, on paper, hand-addressed, and in the mail, from Google attorneys asking the newspaper to avoid using Google as a verb. Perhaps paper makes a demand seem more serious than email. The Post responded, only slightly mocking in tone, snickering at the legal use of the word “hottie.”

Googling Without a License?

So does Google have the required government license to operate in China? Yes and no.

Googling The Competition: Mazda v. Pontiac

After General Motors made a call to television viewers to “Google” the Pontiac brand name, it didn’t take long for Mazda to launch a keyword counterattack. Sponsored search results carried the echo of Mazda marketing snickers as Pontiac searchers were invited to a side-by-side comparison under the link title “Pontiac vs. Mazda.”

Gmail Adds RSS ‘Web Clips’ to All Accounts

Gmail has added a mini RSS reader to all Gmail accounts. It was previously in a limited beta.

Googling TV Ads

Google redefined the advertising business. They’ve had a prolific impact on both the Internet and the advertising world. They remodeled the look of ads and in just a few short years Google is on track to become the fourth largest ad seller behind Viacom, News Corp. and Disney. Is Google heading for TV too?

New! Use Google Text Messaging to get Directions
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A couple weeks ago, I published Googling from your Mobile Phone-no Web Browser Needed!, which turned out to be one of the most popular articles yet. It showed how Google SMS (Short Message Service, otherwise known as text messaging) enables you to send Google queries as text messages over your mobile phone and in a return text message get precise answers to your questions.