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Gmail’s Compose Box Now Offers Full-Screen Mode (and You Can Make It Your Default)

Google has just given in to the substantial number of Gmail users who’ve been pissed off at them ever since they went and changed how users go about composing emails, and I can already hear the “THANK GOD”s and “FREAKING FINALLY”s beginning to pour in. “After Gmail’s new compose rolled out to everyone in March, many of you sent us …

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Webmasters Suspect A Significant Google Algorithm Update Just Happened

There are some rumblings that Google may have made a significant update to its algrorithm this week, sometime in the vicinity of August 28. Search Engine Roundtable points to a WebmasterWorld forum thread where some webmasters are commenting on substantial changes in their traffic – some positive, some negative. Here are a couple sample comments from the forum: “20% google …

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