Is Google’s Plan to Combine Hangouts, Messenger, & Talk Really a Good Idea?

Is Google’s Plan to Combine Hangouts, Messenger, & Talk Really a Good Idea?

By Drew Bowling June 28, 2012 | 1 Comment

Speaking at Google I/O yesterday afternoon, Google Product Manager Nikhyl Singhal indicated that Google will be combining several of its messaging services into a singular messenger. According to Janko Roettgers of GigaOM, Google will be consolidating Google+ Messenger, Google Talk, …

New gPhone (myTouch 3G) Coming in Early August

T-Mobile has announced that the sucessor to it’s semi-popular G1, the myTouch 3G, will become available in early August.

The myTouch 3G will be extremely customizable, unlike Apple’s iPhone. Users will be able to choose menus, wallpapers, icons, themes and skins. Will being customizable be enough to lure iPhone users away?

myTouch 3G

Google Talk Hit By Scammers
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The old X Files adage aptly applies to the Internet these days: Trust no one. Some Gmail users, already miffed about previous service outages, were invited through Google Talk to watch a video by clicking a link. Of course, bad news awaited.

Google Stands Behind the Cloud

Today Google is touting the reliability of Gmail, and comparing the service to several "on-premises" solutions in terms of downtime and lost productivity. In a post on the Official Google Blog, Google Enterprise Product Director Matthew Glotzbach writes:

Chat with Google Translation Bot

If you need to translate to another language and occasionally need help on a word there is a new feature in Gmail Chat that you may find helpful.

You can find more details in a Googletalk blog post by Jonas Lindberg and there are more details on the blog of Rich Tehrani.

Gmail Now Talks To AIM

Google announced a partnership with AOL that allows users to log into their Instant Messenger account from GMail.

Meebo, Google Talk Gaining On AIM, MSN

Though they have a long way to go (a really long way), instant messaging services that offer chat or multimedia chat functionalities are growing the fastest among IM providers, according to new numbers from Nielsen//NetRatings.

Google Talk Pops Out New Features

Google has updated their Google Talk Gadget with some new features. In Google Talk, blog post software engineer Scott Ludwig details the latest updates.

 In order to make Google Talk more accessible they have added a pop- out feature for the Google Talk Gadget that will appear in a separate window. If you are on your Google Personalized Homepage, there is a link inside the gadget that lets users pop it out.

The Google Talk Team Talks

In a recent email interview the Google Talk team revealed to WebProNews their future plans for Google Talk and the Google Talk Gadget.

New Google Talk Gadget Goes Live
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In a departure from the negative publicity surrounding the company this week, Google announced the launch of its instant messaging gadget today. The Google Talk gadget can be embedded in a user’s personalized Google homepage or on any other webpage or blog simply by adding a line of code.

Google Talk and AIM to Work Together?

Over a year ago, Google paid a billion dollars for a chunk of AOL, and probably the most exciting part of the deal was the announcement that Google Talk and AOL Instant Messenger would probable eventually connect to each other.

Google Talk Opens Up For All

No more Gmail account requirement – that was the biggest change to the Google Talk registration process, as Google now feels confident enough to open the service to anyone with a Google Account.

Sony mylo To Feature Google Talk

Sony has announced its upcoming wifi communicator, the mylo, will feature Google Talk.

Google Talk Has Voicemail Now

The Google Talk team added some new features to the chat service, including the ability to leave a voicemail for someone, even if that person does not use Google Talk.

Google Talk Feature Suggest

The fine folks behind Google Talk, interested in making sure the devs know what the users want them to do, have put up a page where you can suggest future changes to Google’s IM client.

Google Talk Themes

Ever since the new avatar/themed version of Google Talk came out, people have been creating themes for it, many of them pretty cool. Lets try to run them down.

Google Talk Smilies Roundup

If you’re running the latest “leaked” version of Google Talk, the one with chat avatars, then Customize Talk has a full list of the new features, including all the smilies/emoticons in this version.