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Google Apps Admins Can Set Default State For Google+ Profile Discoverability

Google announced that Google Apps admins can now set the default state for profile discoverability in their domain through a control in the admin console if they have enabled Premium Features. It is checked by default, making profiles discoverable in public web searches. At launch, all users with discoverability on will get the admin default, and those with it off …

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Google Can Now Use Your Name And Face Wherever It Wants

Remember last month when Google updated its terms of service so that it can use users’ profile names and photos across Google products as it sees fit (like in ads)? Well, that is now in effect. Are you okay with Google using your name and face across its various products as it sees fit? Will you allow them to include …

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Do You Want Google Using Your Name And Face In Ads?

Google announced a new update to its terms of service the other day that is unsurprisingly ruffling some feathers. The change enables Google to use users’ profile names and photos across Google products as it sees fit. You know, like in ads. Other changes include a reminder about mobile device safety and details on password confidentiality. Do you mind if …

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Link Your YouTube Channel With Your Google+ Page

Google announced today that it will soon launch the option to link your YouTube channel with a Google+ page. You will be able to use your channel name as your Google identity. Google has been beta testing the option with some channels, but it will become available to all creators in the coming weeks. For months, Google has been giving …

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