BlackBerry Users Get New Gmail, Google Docs Search Features

BlackBerry Users Get New Gmail, Google Docs Search Features

By Chris Crum September 17, 2010 | 1 Comment

There were a couple significant announcements for BlackBerry users today. First off, Google announced that its Google Mobile App for BlackBerry can now not only search for email and contacts on the device, but also search the cloud to find items in Gmail, Google Contacts, and Google Docs. 

Google Makes Getting Directions to Businesses Easier
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Google is now making it easier to find directions to businesses via Google Maps for Mobile. Now users can get directions by entering the name of the business in the start or end point fields. Google illustrates this with a Starbucks example on the Google Mobile Blog:

Get Google to Notice Your Ideas

Google is calling for your ideas for new product features for Google Mobile. They recently set up a Product Ideas page built on Google Moderator that allows users to submit ideas and vote others up and down.

More Ways to Use Google Mobile for the Holidays
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Google has been counting down the days of December heading into the New Year by offering tips for Google Mobile, just as they have been doing separately with Google products in general.

Tons of Holiday Google Mobile Tips – Video Style

In an effort to spread some holiday cheer and perhaps some more Google Mobile use, Google is posting a number of holiday video tips for using the Google Mobile service. For instance, here are a couple of mildly amusing videos of Santa using Google Mobile to figure out how to give himself the Heimlich maneuver after he begins to choke, and finding a locksmith when he can’t gain entrance into someone’s home. For some reason, he’s delivering presents in the middle of the day.

Google Phone Comes Out Today!
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G1Today’s the big day for the Google Phone. T-Mobile will announce the availability of the G1 today, the HTC-manufactured phone featuring Google’s Android mobile platform. The phone is expected to be the top competitor for Apple’s iPhone, and will supposedly cost $199 with a two-year contract.

Google Mobile, YouTube Offer New Electoral Features

Now that the Summer Games are over, political coverage will become inescapable.  Some people are bound to embrace it, though, and these folks should appreciate new offerings from Google Mobile and YouTube.

Google Mobile Makes Setup Easier

Cellphones can be far too complicated.  They fit in your palm and weigh two ounces, yet the instruction manuals resemble short novels.  So, with a sort of monkeys-can-do-it simplicity, a new site aims to show users the all-around wonderfulness of Google Mobile.

Mobile Market a Challenge for Google

While Google already sells ads on cell phones the company wants to expand it search service to more mobile devices.

Cerf Disconnects Google Phone Rumors

Last week, a high-ranking Google executive confirmed that the search engine company is developing a mobile phone.  Now another exec – one with even more influence – has denied the rumors.  “[B]ecoming an equipment manufacturer is pretty far from our business model,” said Vinton Cerf.

Google Tests Mobile Web Ads In Japan

Google has just wrapped up a successful test for advertising via mobile phones in Japan, according to Bloomberg. The Japanese mobile phone market, more robust and advanced than the US market, is often used to test mobile technologies.