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Luigi Pirandello Gets A Google Doodle for Google Italy Luigi Pirandello Gets A Google Doodle for Google Italy

Today is a busy day for Google, clearly. Aside from getting tech geeks everywhere excited with the Google I/O 2012 conference, they also decided to make their Google Doodle department feel the burn as well, with not one, but two …

Google News Italia Probe Expands
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Google received a piece of bad news – and perhaps a laugh – today as we prepare to go into the long weekend.  Here’s the serious part: Italian antitrust regulators have decided to expand the focus of an investigation from the Italian version of Google News to the entire corporation.

Italian Antitrust Regulators Investigate Google
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An overseas branch of Google News may be about to get its parent unit in a lot of trouble.  Italian antitrust regulators are investigating claims that newspapers were more or less forced to contribute to the site, and certain tactics and potential penalties suggest the situation is very serious.