Google Finance Gets Five New Stock Exchanges

Google Finance Gets Five New Stock Exchanges

By Chris Crum July 15, 2013

Google announced that it has added five new stock exchanges to Google Finance, further bolstering its international market offerings. Google has now added the BM&F Bovespa (Brazil), Borsa Istanbul (Turkey), The Stock Exchange of Thailand, SIX Swiss Exchange and Wiener …

Google Finance Product Ideas Page Established

Yahoo Finance has long been a flagship product of sorts, earning praise and generating huge traffic numbers.  Now, to perhaps help Google Finance make up ground, Google’s effectively opened the floor to suggestions, seeking product ideas (and votes on product ideas) from anyone who’s interested.

Google Finance Delves Into Streaming News

It’s possible to make hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars in a few minutes.  It’s also possible to lose tons of money in a short timespan, however, and this is even more likely to happen when someone’s dealing with outdated information.  So from now on, news stories will be streamed on Google Finance as they’re published.

New Trend Tracking Feature in Google Finance

Google has introduced Google Domestic Trends on Google Finance. This is a feature that tracks search traffic (on Google) across specific sectors of the economy.

Google Launches Display Ads for Google Finance
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Late last year, Google announced that it would be experimenting with ads in more places. Since then, we’ve seen Google Image Search, Picasa, and Google News ad additions.

Google Finance Undergoing Tests

If you happen to know any Google Finance users, have pity on them – they’re probably feeling a bit disconcerted (and not just because the Dow’s down 254.16 points).  Google Finance is testing some new site designs, and feedback so far has been less than positive.

Official Finance For Android App Launches
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Most days, this news might not be welcome; watching the economy fall apart is no fun.  Today, though, the Dow is up quite a bit, and we’re happy to report that a Google Finance application for Android has launched.

Real-Time NYSE Quotes Find Their Way To Google Finance

Watching stock quotes trickle in after the market closed has always been a strange experience.  We can thank Google for making it a thing of the past, as real-time NYSE quotes are becoming available.

Google Finance Gets Real-Time NASDAQ Quotes
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Here’s hoping you’re not one of those people who make minute-to-minute stock trades; it’s hard to imagine how much blood pressure medication they must consume.  Yet financial nuts and casual investors alike should enjoy Google Finance’s new real-time quotes for NASDAQ stocks.

Google Finance Gets One New Site, Universal Redesign

Finance junkies have probably noticed by now; even the fast-paced world of tech news is slow for people who spend all their time hitting "refresh."  Still, the existing Google Finance sites have received an overhaul, and Google Finance China has launched.

More New Features For Google Finance

Playing second fiddle to Yahoo isn’t a position that Google finds itself accustomed to these days, as the company clearly has Yahoo trumped in the realm of search. Finance, however, is a different story for Google as it has struggled to compete with Yahoo in this particular niche.

It’s been nearly nine months since Google launched its finance site upon the Internet world, and it still has yet to make so much as a dent into Yahoo’s lead in this particular market.

Bloggers Gaming Google Finance

To gain added exposure for their stories, some bloggers have begun taking advantage of the way Google Finance incorporates content as part of a company’s information page.

Fun With Google Finance

Sometimes Google’s search engine works a little too well at matching up queries with results, as some posters on Metafilter found.

Google Launches Yahoo Finance Rival

I’m a heavy user of Yahoo Finance, in part because whenever you search for a ticker at Google, the first result is always a summary from Yahoo.