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Google Announces Google Display Network

Google announced that it is putting all of its non-search display advertising offerings together into one network called the Google Display Network.

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Google Lets Brand Advertisers Target Top Sites

Google has announced a new filter for advertisers running brand campaigns, to allow their ads to only show on AdSense sites ranked among the top 1,000 largest on the web, as defined by the DoubleClick Ad Planner. Google says this will ensure ads reach a large number of users, but only on well-known sites "best suited for branding goals."

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Google Gives Advertisers More Tracking Options

Google has announced a new feature for the Google Content Network called View-Through Conversion Reporting. The feature is designed to help advertisers better measure the value of their display ad campaigns.

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Google Tests Ad Targeting According To Credit Score

Credit scores have long had major impacts on people’s lives; they’ve affected consumers’ options in terms of buying cars and houses, and sometimes, even in terms of securing jobs.  And in the future, if Google has anything to say about it, they may influence what ads individuals see, too.

With the assistance of Compete and around two million consumers who opted into the project, Google’s apparently been interfacing lists of FICO scores with the Google Content Network.  This has led to some impressive targeting opportunities.

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Make Your Google AdSense Ads Expandable

Google has introduced expandable ads on the Google Content Network. This means advertisers can create more complex and interactive AdSense Ads.

"Expandable ads are rich media ads that can expand beyond the original size of the ad unit, following a user-initiated action," explains

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