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Yes, Google Even Has Street View Imagery From Inside Planes

On the Google Maps Facebook page, Google is pointing to some Street View imagery it has from inside a plane. The imagery actually comes from Google’s Business Photos program. The photos are of the inside of the Airbus A380. Take a look: The images come from Dubai International Airport. For a glimpse into how Google’s Trusted Photographers operate within the …

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The Ones That Make Your Business Look Good In Google’s Local Results

Back in January, Google revealed that Google Business Photos were being used by 100,000 businesses, a number that has no doubt grown significantly in the first half of 2013. In late May, Google announced the expansion of the program into seven additional countries. Do you have business photos up in Google’s local results? Have Google Business Photos ever helped you …

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Google Launches New Business Photos For 167 NYC Restaurants Ahead Of Restaurant Week

Google announced today that it is launching 360-degree, interactive photos for 167 of the 294 restaurants participating in NYC Restaurant Week (next week). Google Maps summer intern Evelyn Chang writes on the Google Maps blog: Let’s say you’re in New York City, home to over 25,000 restaurants, just before the start of NYC Restaurant Week (TM) (July 22 – August …

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Google Business Photos Used By 100,000 Businesses

While many of us were pre-occupied with Facebook’s big unveiling of Graph Search on Tuesday, Google let out a little tidbit of information about its own local search offering: over 100,000 businesses have used the Google Business Photos feature since it officially launched a year ago. This is essentially Street View taken inside of stores. “With the use of high-quality …

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Google Adds Store Interior Photography Access To Local Search Results

Google is now highlighting its indoor photography for businesses from search results pages, making the imagery much more visible to users. Businesses who have been able to participate in this get the added bonus of letting customers browse their store before actually getting them in the door. Let’s hope they like what they see. Google said in a Google+ post, …

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