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Google Announces Tools and Resources to Help Businesses Go Global
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Google made some announcements aimed at getting businesses to use Google to reach a global audience. These include a new resource site for doing just that, and a new tool called Global Market Finder, designed to help businesses identify markets with high demand for their products or services. 

Friendster Gets Friendly with Facebook
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Friendster announced today that it is now supporting both Facebook and Opensocial apps. Integration with these has now become part of the Friendster Developer Program, though they’ve been supporting OpenSocial since August.

Facebook Finds a Home for International Affairs
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Tanáiste and Minister for Enterprise Trade & Employment, Mary Coughlan TD announced today that Facebook is making Dublin the location of its international headquarters.

From there, they will run all of their international operations and provide support to Facebook users in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Why Website Globalization Should Matter to International Businesses

What kind of financial return should a company expect when it globalizes its website? If it translates the e-commerce pages, will more people buy? Or is English enough for the still English-saturated web?

Multi Lingua Francas

Three separate but possibly related things about language and culture.

Polese Sees Globalization 3.0

Silicon Valley legend and SpikeSource founder expounds positively on open source technologies.

The Globalization of English
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Newsweek has an excellent feature article in the 7 March issue (this week) of its international edition on how the English language is evolving and changing the way we communicate.

Google Rated Best for Globalization

In 2003, Byte Level Research published a report that rated how successfully companies had developed Web sites for international markets, an emerging practice known as “Web globalization.”

Website Globalization

The Internet has unlocked a wide array of markets and knocked down barriers that previously prevented merchants from marketing their products on a global scale.