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Facebook IPO Preceded By Glancee Acquisition

With the news of social media giant Facebook’s impending rise to the world of public trading comes big news of their acquisitions; namely, that of photo-sharing app Instagram last month for a cool billion, which turned more than a few heads and had people wondering what Mark Zuckerberg’s plan was. Now the company has acquired up-and-coming location-sharing app Glancee, the …

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Social Discovery is BIG (and Creepy?) at SXSW

There’s a new trend in social media and application development, and it’s called “social discovery”. If you haven’t already heard the term a lot, you will soon. SXSW is famously an event where a lot of startups get to make their first major marks on the world. Some fizzle out. Some are Twitter. Quite a few are betting on the …

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