People in London Love To Twitter

People in London Love To Twitter

By Chris Richardson April 1, 2011 | 4 Comments

As discussed earlier, tracking the mountainous amounts of social media data is getting much, much easier as more and more companies include geospatial options in their services. Another process involves animating some of this data, overlaying on a map to …

Flickr Goes Mobile

An update from the crew at flickr was launched this week in the form of a new, mobile friendly resource.

Google Maps Updates

Some interesting updates from the gmaps crew recently hit the google maps API weblog. Imagine this… view KML files with google maps…

GPS Data Integration With Google Earth

Telespial Systems is providing government agencies from around the world the tools needed to help manage and deploy asset and geographical data during times of emergency.

Mobile Media Developer podcast series

Something for you mobile techies…

Boring Google Earth US Election Maps

Not sure if anyone else noticed this or not but did you catch the graphics that are being used by ABC news and Good Morning America etc… to show the results of the election?

Amanda Congdon chats with Guy Kawasaki

Amanda Congdon, video blogger, actress, and much more has recently added a video interview with one of my favorite evangelists, Guy Kawasaki.

Search With MS Dewey

Have you checked out the latest in search from Microsoft’s live.com search engine… enter Ms. Dewey (MSDewy).

On November 1 Google Maps API version 1 Shut Down

This update comes recently from the Google maps API blog…

Get Your Stuff In To Yahoo! Time Capsule

Got some time on your hands? – You might want to participate in the Yahoo! Time Capsule…

Metrobot’s Unique Mobile Mapping Alternative

This is a cool map search utility, designed for mobile users.

Autodesk University Bookmarks

Are you heading to AU this year (that’s Autodesk University in case I’ve lost you). To stay informed of AU happenings from the blogosphere the following are some great resources to bookmark.

Try Answers Dot Com For GIS Data!

This nifty search utility which I confess, I’m not terribly familiar with, is very sweet!

News Updates for Pocket PC Users Via Hubdog

Here’s a useful app for any content publishers and even you geobloggers out there… enter HubDog

Nice Blogging Tool for Geobloggers!

You may have noticed the nifty little antique map displayed in the upper right sidebar area.

Multimap Offering up a Sweet Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder

This comes from Multimap… a great way to find out if you’ll have Wi-Fi while on the road. You will be Guided to Your Nearest Wi-Fi Hotspots!

Yahoo! to Open Mail API to Programmers and Mashers

Yahoo announced at Yahoo Hack Day that they’ll open Yahoo Mail, so programmers can develop extensions and new interfaces for Yahoo Mail.