Firefox 4 Available a Day Prior To Official Release

Firefox 4 Available a Day Prior To Official Release

By John Vinson March 21, 2011 | 3 Comments

Hot on the heels of the Internet Explorer 9 release, Firefox 4 is officially releasing tomorrow (March 22nd). However, for those who can’t wait another minute, the unofficial download is available. As with things of this nature, WebProNews doesn’t condone …

What is FTP?

In the past I have defined many Web hosting jargon words that have sent many people to scratching their heads and calling upon the mighty powers of Google to look for an answer. Today I have one more for you. How many times have you hear of somebody saying they needed to FTP something? How about that they need to find a good FTP client? Thankfully FTP is a pretty simple concept to get your mind wrapped around.

The Top 10 Essential Ingredients of Every LINUX HOSTING Plan (Package)

Any website comprises the following – Domain name, Webspace, Webpages.

What Every Website Owner Needs to Know

If you have a website and you didn’t design it your self or if your new to the web world there are a few things you will need to have and need to know. Note: this article is directed more towards the “newbie” webmaster.

How I Got Root A Penetration Testers Diary

This is a possible solution to hacking competition #6, held on SecureIT (15.1.04).

5 Basic Features You Should Look For In a Web Hosting Service

Disk space:

Allotment of certain disk space for you means, you are given a folder on web host’s server to upload your files.This is same like you create your folder on your own computer.

Create FTP and Web IIS Virtual Directory Using C#

In this example we will create a Windows Form Project that will create new FTP and Web IIS Virtual Directories from code based on the name and path specified by the user. You can create virtual directories on the local computer by specifying the server name as “localhost” or you can create the virtual directory on a remote computer by specifying the machine name.

Understanding the FTP PORT Command

You may already know that when FTP (File Transfer Protocol) commands cross the wire, they use port 21 by default. You may also know that port 20 is assigned to FTP data. Unfortunately, most FTP data sessions do not actually use port 20.

Operating System Concepts

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the heart of any computer, but the operating system is the brain. Unfortunately, understanding exactly how these things really work can be difficult, because it’s fairly hard to “play” with the operating system that you are actually using. You can do quite a bit with sophisticated debuggers, but eventually you run into confusion and difficulty.

DSL and Cable Modem Security

Although high speed internet access may not have reached you yet, it probably will soon. The advantages are obvious, but there’s a dark side: security. I’m not going to talk about the more general aspects of securing your system here (I’ve done that in General Security), but only specifically about the issue of clear text passwords with telnet, pop, and ftp.

Java FTP client libraries reviewed

This article explains how to write FTP client code in Java using available libraries. It compares an exhaustive list of FTP libraries, presents pros and cons of each library, and helps decision makers choose the most appropriate one for their needs.

Library Cross Reference

This is a cross reference of libraries needed by Skunkware and other binary packages and where to obtain the library or other needed tool. You know you need a library when the program fails to work; sometimes it is friendly enough to tell you what it needs, but sometimes it is not.