Discovering What Web 2.0 Really Means

Discovering What Web 2.0 Really Means

By Brandon Leibowitz April 12, 2010 | 1 Comment

Many people who use the internet daily run into the term web 2.0 and many of those people don’t know what it means. This is actually very understandable considering that for most people the internet does not seem any different than when they were first exposed to it.

A Perl and C# Comparison

A search that I have noticed that has been passed to my site was “perl c# comparison“, I would assume that the person that asked this was trying to compare the languages and not how c# and perl perform comparisons.

Playing w/ del.icio.us Web Badge JSON API

Niall Kennedy wrote on his blog that The Yahoo Developer Network provided a short preview of the soon to be released del.icio.us webbadge.

Choosing a Framework for Web Development

I recently had the opportunity to develop a small online booking system. This time around I was determined to make use of some development framework.

Using WSE 3.0 and Loving it

I have been using WSE 3.0 for a while now and I really like it.

Max Mixes Photos and RSS

Another entrant into the RSS reader market, from Microsoft – Microsoft Max.

Vendidi: Database Application Framework

Vendidi Framework allows you to create Windows and Web applications, handling a data structure through a logical schema able to organize and interact, between them, data and parties.

IBM SourceForges UIMA

Source code for IBM’s Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) now has a home on SourceForge, as IBM invites developers everywhere to take a shot at the concept of knowledge discovery.

Create Your Methodology Based on a Standard Framework

This article, the first of a series of three, gives some tips on designing and implementing a methodology based on a standard framework such as ITIL or PMBoK.

Syndicating Your Web Site’s Content with RSS and ASP.NET
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About a year ago I wrote an article titled, Syndicating Your Web Site’s Content with RSS.

Twelve Horses Implements Sender Policy Framework

Twelve Horses announced it has implemented the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) standard.

The Semantic Web

Semantic: “Part of the structure of language, along with phonology, morphology, syntax, and pragmatics, which involves understanding the meaning of words, sentences, and texts.” Google define:semantic

Document Templates Give You The Perfect Framework For Your Documents

When it comes to running an office, the SOHO entrepreneur has enough on his or her plate as it is. So if you find yourself in the unenviable position of regularly having to set aside your core competencies to handle tedious, repetitive administrative duties such as creating your business documents from scratch, then you need to consider the potential benefits offered by document templates.

Understanding Garbage Collection in the .NET Framework

In this article we will explore the Garbage Collection feature in the .Net framework and the activities required in applications to manage resources complementing the Garbage Collector.

Combine streams in one .NET Framework Stream object


This article represents a simple Stream class whose data is based on the number of another .NET Framework streams.

Ideas V a framework for e-business Success

At its core, e-business is a simple proposition. Businesses interact with customers through various channels such as retail stores, phone, print, television, instant messaging and ATMs. Leveraging interactive channels like the Web can drive down costs, expand markets and create new revenue opportunities. For businesses that have mastered the interactive channel, there is plenty of good news.

Web Service Tracks Movie Ticket Sales Using .NET Framework

The iTicket Transfer application, built using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, is installed at individual movie theaters and relies on the iAnywhere Solutions .NET data provider to access film sales statistics stored in a local SQL Anywhere Studio database.