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Facebook Launches Mobile Message Board App ‘Rooms’

Facebook has just launched a standalone app that doesn’t even allow you to connect with Facebook (even if you wanted to) and also lets you be anonymous – to a certain degree. It’s called Rooms, and you can download it now at the App Store (if it’s working, which it may not be right now). With Rooms, Facebook Creative Labs …

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Bing Is Shutting Down Its Webmaster Forums

Microsoft announced that it is shutting down Bing’s Webmaster Forums as they have apparently not grown in a meaningful way. As of the end of this month or early next month, the Bing Webmaster Community Forum will be no more. Senior product manager Duane Forrester wrote on the Bing webmaster blog, “Over the last few years, we’ve had our Webmaster …

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NBCU Kills DailyCandy, Television Without Pity

Last week, news emerged that NBCUniversal-owned DailyCandy and Television Without Pity are shutting down. Both are considered by some to be pioneers of an all but forgotten Internet era. The former was primarily an Internet newsletter in its early days, and the latter was a place for people to discuss TV shows in a forum setting. A “short goodbye” on …

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Jim Boykin (Internet Marketing Ninjas) Buys WebmasterWorld Forum

WebmasterWorld and Pubcon founder Brett Tabke has sold WebmsaterWorld to Jim Boykin, who runs Internet Marketing Ninjas. The announcement was made today at PubCon, which Tabke will continue to run. “Internet Marketing Ninjas, led by company founder Jim Boykin, is the ideal match for WebmasterWorld,” said Tabke. “I couldn’t have asked for a better situation than a long-time member acquiring …

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Tweet #AskState To Ask Questions Directly to U.S. State Department

As we bore into the year that is 2012, the U.S. Department of State has chosen to step up their Internet vocab by inviting Twitter users to submit questions to them throughout the month of January as part of their 21st Century Statecraft Month. By using the hashtag #AskState, Tweeters can pose their questions to one of the ten official …

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Toolbox.com Acquired By Ziff Davis

Tech media publishing company Ziff Davis announced today that it has acquired Toolbox.com, a popular IT online community network. “We’ve added a critical piece to our puzzle with the acquisition of Toolbox.com,” said Ziff Davis CEO Vivek Shah. “The IT community relies on itself to make decisions and be informed. Owning the leading professional networking site is a significant strategic …

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