Facebook Launches Mobile Message Board App ‘Rooms’

Facebook Launches Mobile Message Board App ‘Rooms’

By Josh Wolford October 23, 2014

Facebook has just launched a standalone app that doesn’t even allow you to connect with Facebook (even if you wanted to) and also lets you be anonymous – to a certain degree. It’s called Rooms, and you can download it …

Toolbox.com Acquired By Ziff Davis Toolbox.com Acquired By Ziff Davis
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Tech media publishing company Ziff Davis announced today that it has acquired Toolbox.com, a popular IT online community network. “We’ve added a critical piece to our puzzle with the acquisition of Toolbox.com,” said Ziff Davis CEO Vivek Shah. “The IT …

FailDesk: The Fun Group Therapy Site For IT Pros FailDesk: The Fun Group Therapy Site For IT Pros

The mission to make sure that every single profession and area of expertise have a customized destination to post horrible/hilarious work stories and share pictures about general office hoopla is progressing smoothly and successfully. The latest addition into this pageant …

EA Sucks at DRM Enforcement EA Sucks at DRM Enforcement

Digital distribution is the wave of the future (present?) when it comes to content delivery, and I’m not sure an industry has embraced this method of content delivery as much as the video game industry has. Well, not counting the …

Forums Fit Where Facebook and Other Social Media Fall Short Forums Fit Where Facebook and Other Social Media Fall Short

Last week, Demand Media announced Pluck 5, the latest version of its social platform, which is used by brands including the NFL, Kraft, NPR, Target and USA Today. Steve Semelsberger, SVP and GM of Social Solutions at Demand Media told …

David Letterman Gets Death Threat On Jihadist Internet Forum David Letterman Gets Death Threat On Jihadist Internet Forum

Late Show host David Letterman has made jokes in the past that have put him in the figurative crosshairs (remember the Oprah thing or more recently, the Sarah Palin feud?) It appears as though he might have wound up in …

No Real Social Media Plan? Try Starting With This.

Coming up with a social media plan isn’t always the easiest thing to do for businesses. There are so many factors that come into play, even beyond the landscape of communities that actually exist. For example, business leaders need to ask questions like: How much time should be spent interacting with social media sites? How many people should be representing the company on social sites? How much of their time should be dedicated to it? Should it be the full-time job of one person? The full-time jobs of more people? Only part of the job for a lot of people? Etc. Etc. Etc. 

Google Gives Small Businesses a Forum to Discuss AdWords

Google has launched a section in the AdWords Help Center aimed at helping small businesses improve their campaigns. It’s called Small Business Corner.

Are Forums and Q&A Sites More Important to Search Now?

Facebook and Twitter get a lot of the credit for all of the conversation that is going on around the web these days, and they certainly account for a great deal of it. Still there is public conversation happening in many other channels – blogs, Q&A sites, news sites, YouTube, other social networks, and forums.

Could Forums Be More Valuable to Your Brand Than Facebook/Twitter?
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Social media marketing is largely about engaging with your audience, and a big part of that is knowing where your audience is. A lot of brands may find that their audience is easiest to reach through forums, which are kind of the old school social networks.

Do you use forums to engage with your audience? Tell us about it.

Thinking Beyond Facebook and Twitter for Social Relevance
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Update: Ford announced profits of nearly $1 billion between July and September. This is attributed to increased market share and a successful cost-cutting program. I wonder if the company’s social media strategy played a significant role.

Google Gives Forums More Links on SERPs
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Google has introduced a new feature to search results, making it easier to find forum posts related to topics you search for. When forum sites have more than one relevant discussion going, Google will link to them under the main result.

Forums Are Relevant in Social Media Marketing
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I have long considered online forums to be an early form of what we now consider to be social networks. They’ve been around much longer than Facebook, Twitter and the rest, and have allowed users to create profiles and communicate with each other on the web.

How is Google Weighing Forum Results?
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There is an interesting thread going on at the WebmasterWorld forum looking at whether or not Google favors forums in search results. Matt Cutts tells me that he can neither confirm nor deny this. The thread is started by someone with the handle "bouncybunny," who posts:

Once it was directories, then blogs, now forums… maybe.

I have no empirical evidence for this, but it seems to me that Google is increasingly returning results from forum posts…

Google Launches Google Analytics Forums
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Google PagesAnyone whose used the Help Center over at Google knows that it leaves something to be desired in regards to Google Analytics, and other topics. Sure, you seem to always find something related, but not quite enough to help you out.

Google Groups Search Moves To Include More Forums
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Internet forums can be invaluable resources; they’re where experts on all sorts of subjects gather to discuss problems and new developments, or simply make friends.  So it’s more than a little important that the Google Groups site now attempts to return search results from all over the Internet.

Search Frequency Is Meaningless

One of the big misconceptions I see on business forums is the idea:

“That the number of documents returned on a keyword search on Google, has a direct correlation with the competitiveness of the keyword.”

Once you see people posting examples of their “SEO successes” by use of this measurement, you can easily see that search frequency has little to do with competition – after all, it does exactly what it says on the tin – and simply returns a number based on frequency of the keyword appearing in documents.