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Inmate IQ Scores: A Factor In Executions?

Executions in the United States are becoming increasingly controversial. While accusations of cruelty and racism play a major part in opposing capital punishment, some also feel that special attention must be paid to sentencing mental ill or handicapped individuals. One man is claiming that the state of Florida should not be able to put him to death because an intellectual …

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Florida Execution: Juan Carlos Chavez Is Dead

Juan Carlos Chavez was executed in Florida on Wednesday night for a crime he committed 18 years ago. Chavez remained silent as he approached the death chamber. The execution was delayed two hours due to a reconsideration appeal to the Supreme Court for a request for stay, which was denied. Chavez was found guilty of kidnapping, sexual battery, and the …

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Florida Execution Reignites Death Penalty Debate

The Florida execution of a confessed murderer yesterday has again caused tempers to flare on both sides of the death penalty debate. In fact, a last minute, last resort appeal was made on behalf of the confessed murderer, Juan Carlos Chavez, by his lawyers, but was unsuccessful. The accused confessed to the 1995 rape, murder, and dismemberment of 9-year-old Jimmy …

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