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Marshall Islands Castaway Survives 13 Months Out at Sea

The story of an El Salvadoran man who allegedly was lost at sea for more than a year almost mirrors one of Hollywood’s most adventurous and heart-felt films, “Castaway,” which was released in 2000 starring Tom Hanks. The realistic castaway, 37-year-old Jose Salvador Alvarenga, was discovered Monday washed ashore on a tiny island of the Marshall Islands. The islands are located in …

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Salpa Maggiore Sea Creature: A See-Through Rarity

About 40 miles off the Karikari Peninsula, fisherman Stewart Fraser pulled a pellucid oddity out of the ocean. While fishing with his two sons, Fraser saw the animal anomaly floating atop the waters. He described his tactile experience with it as being “scaly and quite firm… and you couldn’t see anything aside from this orange little blob inside.” Neither he …

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Lobsterman Rescued After 12 Hours, Used Boots To Float

A lobsterman who fell off his boat on Wednesday says he was able to use his rubber boots to stay afloat until the Coast Guard finally spotted him. 45-year old John Aldridge says it was a very simple accident that led to his fall and subsequent 12-hour ordeal: a broken cooler. “The handle broke off and I fell off the …

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