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Verizon Doubles FiOS Speeds to 300 Mbps

Verizon today announced that next month it will double the speeds for its FiOS broadband service. The company will be introducing a 300 Mbps connection as its highest-tier option. As Ars Technica points out, this is faster than most single-band routers. A tier with 75 Mbps access will also be introduced. Verizon said the new speed tiers, which will be …

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Verizon to Raise FiOS Rates

It was recently reported that Verizon will be ending tiered data plans, and to further upset its customer base, it will likewise be raising it’s FiOS bundled internet access, telephone and television service rates. Verizon CFO Fran Shammo states, “Look, we believe that it is a superior product in the marketplace.” Verizon spent $23 billion expanding its FiOS network, and …

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Verizon’s Push Pays Off Big Time!

Today Verizon Wireless announced that they have added 1.5 million new customers over the last quarter and that smartphones are on the rise big time! Last quart only 39% of users were on smartphones, now over 44% of their total wireless subscribers are using them. This is no doubt due to the great incentives Verizon sponsors in order to attract …

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