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Google Falls Short With Q1 Earnings Report Google Falls Short With Q1 Earnings Report
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Search giant Google released its first quarter earnings report this afternoon, but unfortunately for new CEO Larry Page, the company didn’t quite repeat past performances.  Google failed to meet analysts’ estimates in at least one respect, and investors are now …

Has Google’s Panda Update Hurt Demand Media Stock? Has Google’s Panda Update Hurt Demand Media Stock?
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As previously reported, Demand Media’s eHow, which escaped the wrath of the U.S. version of Google’s Panda update, to actually gain search visibility, appears to have been nailed as the update rolled out globally and Google made further updates in …

Baidu’s Stock Up On Word Of Facebook Partnership Baidu’s Stock Up On Word Of Facebook Partnership
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The stock market, as a whole, did not do well today.  The Dow and Nasdaq stayed about level, gaining and losing 0.01 percent and 0.32 percent, respectively, while AOL, Apple, and Yahoo all suffered losses of greater than 1.00 percent.  …

LivingSocial Raises $400 Million In Funding LivingSocial Raises $400 Million In Funding
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Fans of group deals site LivingSocial should be pleased to know that some important organizations believe it’ll continue to grow and succeed.  Reports indicate LivingSocial has raised $400 million in a new round of funding that values it at more …

Google Improves Mobile Search Results For Stocks

We seem to have by and large gotten past the period in which investors lived in constant fear of crashes; people no longer use terms like “double dip” and “depression” on an everyday basis.  There will never come a time …

AOL Rated A “Buy” By UBS

A company that many people expected to fade away as dial-up connections became more and more obsolete will do just fine, according to a respected financial services firm.  This morning, analysts at UBS labeled AOL’s stock a “Buy.” That rating …

Google Gets Strong Endorsement From Citi

People who are supposed to receive big tax refunds might do well to consider investing the money in Google, judging by a new note from Citi.  An analyst representing the firm believes the company’s future is bright in more than …

Groupon May Conduct $25 Billion IPO
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The company that supposedly turned down a $6 billion acquisition offer from Google may now plan to one-up it in another way. A new report indicates Groupon is discussing an initial public offering that could value the organization at $25 …

Yahoo’s Stock Drops 5.66 Percent

We waited to bring this story to you just in case the stock recovered (or took an even steeper dive) before the end of the trading day.  But U.S. markets are now closed, meaning we can report that Yahoo’s stock …

StumbleUpon to Expand to New Platforms – More Traffic for Everybody?
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StumbleUpon announced that it has raised a new $17 million series B round of funding, which the company will use to invest in the company’s discovery technology, expand to new platforms, and grow its employee base. The new funding comes …

Netflix Stock Dives Due To Facebook Movie Experiment
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Within Netflix, things look much the same today as yesterday.  The company hasn’t been hit by site outages, big resignations, or scandals of any sort.  But Facebook’s decision to let users rent The Dark Knight apparently spooked Netflix shareholders to …

Twitter’s Suggested Value Hits $7.7 Billion In Share Auction
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The handful of investors who are able to get their hands on Twitter shares continue to have the utmost faith in the company. Another private market auction has taken place, and this time, eager supporters placed bids high enough to …

Intel Acquires McAfee: Now It’s Official
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Last summer, Intel announced its intention to acquire McAfee for about $7.68 billion at $48 per share in cash. Today, the company announced the completion of that acquisition. 

McAfee will maintain its own brand, and the first "fruits" of the partnership will hit the market later this year, the companies said. 

Big JPMorgan Twitter Investment Rumored

Earlier this month, JPMorgan Chase raised $1.2 billion to establish a digital growth fund, and it looks the organization is wasting no time in putting that money to use.  Reports now claim that JPMorgan intends to acquire a 10 percent stake in Twitter (assuming it hasn’t done so already).

Groupon’s CEO Pegs 2010 Revenue At $760 Million
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When Groupon was said to have turned down a $6 billion acquisition offer from Google, many onlookers wondered what could possibly have motivated that decision.  Now we know: the ability to earn $760 million in revenue in 2010, along with the goal of bringing in over a billion this year.

Zacks Investment Research Downgrades Google
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Investors who own shares of Google are sure to be thankful of that fact today; Google’s stock rose 0.18 percent even while the Dow and Nasdaq sank 0.87 percent and 1.21 percent, respectively.  But not all the news is good, as Zacks Investment Research also downgraded Google to "neutral."

Demand Media Posts First Earnings Report as Public Company

Demand Media posted its fourth quarter financial results today – the company’s first earnings report since going public last month. Demand posted revenue of $73.6 million, an increase of 33% compared to $55.5 million in the same quarter the previous year. 

Income from operations was $2.8 million compared to a net loss from operations of ($3.2) million in Q409. Net income was $1.0 million compared to a net loss of ($3.9) million in Q409. Cash flows from operations was $20.9 million, up 95% compared to $10.7 million in Q409.

$1 Billion Yandex IPO Set For This Summer

Anyone who would like to invest in Russia’s most successful search engine may want to start saving pennies and talking to his (or her) stockbroker.  Reports indicate that Yandex, which has had little trouble fending off Google in its home market, will go public and try to raise $1 billion this summer.

New Report Pegs Zynga’s Valuation At $10 Billion

Social gaming company Zynga, which is the force behind sensations like FarmVille and CityVille, continues to be a hit with investors.  Days after rumors indicated Zynga would raise $250 million at a valuation of $7 billion to $9 billion, a new report’s claimed it will actually raise twice that amount at a valuation of $10 billion.

Greplin Reportedly About to Open Up to the Public

We’ve written about Greplin a couple of times – once after the service launched, and again last week, when the company sent users an email with some new updates. If you’re unfamiliar with the service, the best way to describe it is truly personalized search. 

Kleiner Perkins Invests $38 Million In Facebook

Although it arguably doesn’t need much more support at this point, popular social network Facebook now has the backing of one of Silicon Valley’s most respected venture capital firms.  Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers is said to be investing about $38 million at a valuation of $52 billion.