Google May Have Dropped Another Twitter Feature

Google May Have Dropped Another Twitter Feature

By Chris Crum March 12, 2012 | 6 Comments

The relationship between Google and Twitter has been somewhat rocky lately. Last year, the two companies were unable to reach an agreement that would continue to give Google access to the Twitter firehose to better its search results. For that …

Report: FeedBurner Boss About To Quit Google

An important figure at Google may be about to leave, according to a new report.  Dick Costolo, the cofounder and CEO of FeedBurner, is supposed to depart the corporation sometime this week.

Michael Arrington apparently confirmed the news today, and with regards to what Costolo has been up to since the $100 million FeedBurner acquisition, continued, "He currently reports to Neal Mohan, an exec in the Ads group, as the group product manager for social ads."

Feedburner and Adsense Together at Last

The Adsense-meets-Feedburner era has officially begun. As mentioned here, the slow "Googlization" of Feedburner has gotten underway, and on Friday, the public got to see some Adsense ads in Feedburner feeds.

A couple months ago some publishers began displaying them, but now they are in full swing.

Feedburner Incorporates AdSense Into Feeds

About a month ago, it was hinted at that Feedburner would start incorporating AdSense into feeds as a product of its acquisition by Google.

It appears that time is approaching with feeds for some publishers getting ready to start displaying AdSense ads this week.

FeedBurner Starting To Fly Google’s Flag

Almost 11 months ago, Google announced its acquisition of FeedBurner.  Now, FeedBurner finally seems ready to make some aesthetic changes and more serious overhauls.

Integrating Bidvertiser with FeedBurner, Blogger, WordPress

BidVertiser has recently added the ability to integrate its services with FeedBurner, Blogger and WordPress:

Tracking Blog Effectiveness

There are a lot of data points that can be meaningful for tracking blog effectiveness.

That is, tracking what happens when visitors arrive at and engage with your blog content. It really comes down to the purpose of your blog. Metrics for a blog that’s focused on making a web site more search engine friendly by adding crawlable content and attracting links is quite different than a blog that’s meant to build thought leadership or brand credibility.

28 Things Didn’t Happen In 2007

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A lot of predictions were made about 2007, just like every other year. Some came true, some didn’t. Here’s a list of what didn’t happen.28 Things Didn't Happen In 2007

Vertical search and niche social networks didn’t take off

Social Media Thanksgiving List

In the spirit of the season – we’ve compiled a few things we are thankful for around here at Ignite.

Webmaster Central’s Future
Webmasters Google Go-to-guy Matt Cutts has a post in his blog which asks all suggestions on improving Webmaster Central. After all improvements were made based on suggestions given by webmasters.

Feedburner and Blogger

Feedburner, recently acquired by Google, has taken a step for their users using another of Google’s products, Blogger.

Google Feeds Free FeedBurner MyBrand

One of the services from feed distributor FeedBurner will be available for free, thanks to their new owners, Google.

Do Not Follow Google’s Mistakes

This is not an attempt to bash Google. However, you can sometimes learn what not to do from some very successful people and products.

Performancing Metrics Rises From Dead

I’m constantly looking for a nice, quick and easy blog stats. Google Analytics is a great program, but it’s a bit complex for my daily checks. I’ve tried quite a few and recently Performancing Metrics came back online. It’s not really a new service, but it is a great step forward.

Google Crowned King Of Acquisitions
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Regular WebProNews readers have probably already guessed this, but for what it’s worth, a new report has confirmed all our suspicions: Google takes over more companies than just about anybody else out there.

Feedburner Users Have 8 Days To Hide From Google
Feedburner is informing users they have until June 15, eight days from now, to opt-out of giving Google data on their accounts.