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Google eBooks Adds Define, Translate and Search Features Google eBooks Adds Define, Translate and Search Features

Google has announced some new features for their eBooks, available from the Google eBookstore. Google’s eBookstore has around 3 million books, both free and paid and they are available on the web, Nook, iOS devices and Android. These new features …

CitySearch To Increase Mobile And Social Features

citysearchLocal review site Citysearch has announced an overhaul to its mobile and web sites. Now in beta, Mobile by Citysearch adds enhanced features for mobile users, and the new website integrates more local and social aspects.

Twitter Changes Design For Performance

Like anyone that uses a social networking tool on a frequent basis, I’ve become accustomed to the way Twitter looks and operates. So, when the company–without warning–changed the design, I had the typical knee-jerk reaction: Nooooooooo!

Google News Creates Feature Request Form
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Lots and lots of people use Google News.  Yet extremely few use one of its major features, the expert comments section.  Now, perhaps as a way of ensuring that the next news-related update is better received, Google is asking for users’ suggestions.

Google Checkout Gives Users The Vote

Giving people a say in something is often a good way to get them involved, and Google wants folks to use its Checkout service.  The search giant has, as a result, offered users the chance to select as many as three fresh upgrades.