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Twitter Apology Update: Mission Accomplished

Last week, we discussed the punishment of Fahmi Fadzil, who was found to responsible for defaming BluInc Media & Female Magazine concerning the company’s apparent treatment of a friend of Fadzil. While defending his companion, Fadzil posted a tweet that the company in question didn’t treat pregnant women fairly, which led us to the Fadzil’s Twitter punishment phase. For his …

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All Apologies: Is Twitter the Modern Day Chalkboard?

Remember when you used to get in trouble in school as a youngster? Remember having to write out a “I will not do _______ again” apology on the blackboard repetitively as punishment for your shenanigans? In case you’re aren’t sure about what I’m referring to, think of the the introduction to The Simpsons television show as it famously makes use …

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