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Facebook Experimenting With Timeline Profile Changes

With all of the commotion surrounding the Facebook IPO, it’s easy to forget that the website is still about connecting people and letting others know about you and your life. Facebook’s big day prompted an all-night hackathon celebration for the company, but it seems that when it comes to working on the world’s largest social network, it’s business as usual. …

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Is Facebook Changing Too Quickly?

With the Facebook IPO drawing ever closer, the company is trying its best to project itself as stable and business-friendly. This wasn’t always the case, though. Until just a couple of years ago, CEO Mark Zuckerberg would implement changes on the site without notice to users, often causing an uproar. These changes were put together as part of the famous …

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The Facebook Timeline Is Coming, And It Scares A Lot Of People

The new Facebook Timeline is not the most popular feature that Facebook has ever introduced. Granted, it’s well documented that Facebook users are often super-resistant to change, but for some the new Timeline goes beyond minor annoyances like crowded layouts and superfluous features. For many users, it’s a real issue of privacy. For awhile now, users have been able to …

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