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New Laws Banning Employers From Asking For Facebook Passwords Go Into Effect

The new year brings with it a number of things, including new laws. One of those laws, going into effect in California and Illinois, seek to protect your privacy during the employee screening process. At 12:01 a.m. on Monday morning, a new law went into effect banning employers from requesting Facebook passwords from potential or current employees. The law is …

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SNOPA Is One Internet Bill Worth Rooting For

With the Internet exploding this morning at the news of CISPA passing the House, people may have put the bane of SOPA in the past. It turns out that SOPA was just the evil cousin of a much more benign technology bill that is very welcome in this climate of the government not caring about your privacy rights. MSNBC got …

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Facebook Login Request Guidelines for Employers

However despicable a practice I may believe it to be, many employers are still screening potential employees through a search of their social networking pages and increasing numbers have even gone as far as to ask for the passwords to those sites. Last time I checked this isn’t a communist country, but perhaps I should also turn over my checking …

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Groupon: We Don’t Want Employees’ Facebook Passwords

We’ve reported several times about the whole ordeal with employers asking the Facebook passwords of job candidates. It’s been a hot, controversial item this week. Facebook deemed the practice alarming. One senator declared that employers asking for Facebook passwords should be illegal. Now, more companies are getting involved in the discussion. Groupon posted the following message to its company blog: …

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