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Nobody Was Using Facebook Email, So It’s Going Away

Remember back in 2010 when Facebook launched the social inbox and Facebook email addresses for users? Mark Zuckerberg said at the time, “This is not an email killer.” He meant it. The company is now retiring the @facebook.com email address for users, and is forwarding any email sent to the user’s Facebook address to their primary email address used for …

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Like It Or Not, Your Facebook Email Address Is Now Listed By Default

If you have a Facebook email address, but you don’t really use it – you’re probably not alone. If you never even knew you had a Facebook email address – you’re still probably not alone. Facebook rolled out their @facebook email addresses back in 2010 in an attempt to consolidate email with all types of messages – including Facebook messages. …

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Facebook URLs and Email Now Linked

Facebook has announced that the address people type into a browser’s URL bar to reach a user’s timeline will now also be used to send that same user email. For example, if a user has an email address for Facebook that is facebook.com/johndoe11, that same user can be sent email on Facebook using the address johndoe11@facebook.com Facebook made the announcement …

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