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StumbleUpon Looks To Get Better At Determining When Content Is Evergreen

StumbleUpon has an engineering contest going on, aimed at finding some help improving how it recommends content. Specifically, they’re looking for someone to develop an algorithm to make the service better at determining when a piece of content is evergreen (meaning, having relevance over a longer period of time), and when something is better off only being shown to users …

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How Often Should You Update Evergreen Content?

The idea of evergreen content is that it is essentially unchanging, intended to last “a long time,”and have little or no maintenance. So isn’t updating evergreen content a bit of an oxymoron? In some cases yes, in some cases no. This discussion is part of a larger discussion I’ve been having on Twitter about re-tweeting old posts that have no …

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Writing Content That Will Drive Traffic for Years

Evergreen content is probably the most valuable kind you can create. It has a long shelf life, and can continue to drive traffic to your site for years. How-to articles are perhaps the most logical choice when creating content that you want to work for your site for this kind of time frame. 

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