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EPA Says Rolling Coal Is Illegal

If you’ve ever been stopped at a red light behind or beside a big truck, you know well the scramble to roll up the windows when that behemoth starts rolling and exhaust comes spewing from its stacks. If, like me, …

Bee Kill-Off In A Parking Lot Due To Tree Pesticide
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A Target store in Wilsonville, Oregon was the site of a rare, deadly phenomenon on Friday. According to the L.A. Times, around 25,000 bees were killed around the store and fell to the ground from trees, littering walkways and the …

Honda Fit EV Gets 118 Miles Per Gallon Honda Fit EV Gets 118 Miles Per Gallon
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If you are tired of paying those high gas prices, but are unswayed by today’s hybrids and electrics, you might soon rethink your pessimism. The new 2013 Handa Fit EV has just been given the world’s best fuel efficiency rating …

Tech Companies Make EPA’s ‘Green Power’ List Tech Companies Make EPA’s ‘Green Power’ List

Since 2004 the Environmental Protection Agency has released a list of top companies that use what it calls “Green Power”. This quarter, 7 tech giants have made the list Green Power Resources include clean and renewable energy sources like solar, …

Google Reaches Ad Deal With European News Agencies

Google and the European Pressphoto Agency (epa) have struck a deal under which the search engine will host epa content on Google News.

Under the agreement Google News users will be able to find original text stories and photos from the online services of a number of epa’s eleven agencies.

EPA Maps Air Pollution With Google Earth
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Just about everybody uses Google, and the statistics that prove this are always impressive.  It’s especially interesting to see government agencies tied to the search giant, though, and in the latest example of this, the EPA is working with Google Earth.

Microsoft, Not Google, Secures EPA Deal

We’ve all seen Google grow increasingly close to the U.S. government, but in this case, it’s Microsoft that narrowed the gap.  The prize, as such, is a contract with the Environmental Protection Agency involving the use of Virtual Earth.

EPA Says Teflon Material A Likely Carcinogen

A semantic upgrade by the Environmental Protection Agency in a report on perfluorooctanoic acid, a chemical compound used to make Teflon, moves the compound from “suggested carcinogen” to “likely carcinogen.” The change in status may have huge legal ramifications.

EPA Ordered To Make Decision About Washington Smog

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was ordered by a federal judge to make up its mind about a smog-reduction plan for the Washington area by May 3.