Create Systems in Your Business So You Can Go On Vacation

Create Systems in Your Business So You Can Go On Vacation

By Jennifer Davey September 10, 2010

This week, I was speaking with a client who wanted to be able to go on vacation with the knowledge that his business was still moving in the right direction. He wanted to be able to go away and be away without checking in (and stressing out) throughout the day. That conversation inspired this post.

Thoughts From An Introverted Entrepreneur

For those of you that have not heard yet, yesterday (February 24th) was the big kick-off for Entrepreneurship Week USA.

I had not really heard about this event before, but it has been brought up on a number of blogs that I read, so I thought I’d go check it out.  As a passionate, but introverted advocate of entrepreneurship, I thought I’d look into the event and what it means.

Ideal Networking Tips for the Creative Entrepreneur

These tips are ideas that I have used successfully and often recommend to other creative entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Peer Support
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Over the years, many entrepreneurs have told me about one problem they found very difficult to solve.

Top Web Entrepreneurs Paradox

“Trend following” is a strategy normally associated with trading. You won’t see it associated with Top Web Entrepreneurs. This is surprising.

You Can Lead an Entrepreneur to The Ocean of Success …

… but you can’t make him swim.

Girl Power: Raising a Female Entrepreneur

I was born in the ’70’s. Yes, I was raised on Sesame Street, seeing that Maria could work at the hardware store and Burt and Ernie shared the domestic chores.

Consider Franchising – But Watch Out!

Having your own business is the American dream and, increasingly, international interest in owning a business has been building as well.

Building Relationships for your Business By Volunteering

“…entrepreneurs need to interact with their target market and then communicate effectively with them in order to build any relationships that may lead to a sale. How do you reach your customer if you can’t afford well-placed advertising, need a larger budget to produce a radio or tv spot and want more of a connection than one night networking events?…”

Small Ideas, Big Companies

Turns out in the past hour I’ve met strategists from eBay, Yahoo, Amazon. They are here to see the small ideas. Some of them are pretty cool.

How to Establish your Self Confidence as an Entrepreneur

It is only natural that when you start a business, you are doing something different than most people.

Entrepreneur Exchange

Entrepreneurship is the discipline of starting a company in absence of resources. Last Saturday the Entrepreneur Exchange opened, a renewable resource (wiki) for entrepreneurs.

How An Entrepreneur’s Choices Define First Impressions–Demystifying Business Identity

The mechanics’ flyer used all the key words to convince me to take my car there. The two brothers who owned and operated this small repair shop for imported automobiles were factory trained, offered advance appointments and only used brand name parts. Why was I dragging my feet?

Entrepreneur’s Lab – Test your Market before Investing.

“Entrepreneurial Laboratory” is what the Internet has transformed into during the last ten years. Amazingly, the year was 1993 when Marc Andreasen launched the first ever “point & click” Internet browser called Mosaic at a trusting world.

The VC No and the Entrepreneur Yes

Bill Burnham has a great series (1, 2 & 3) on the Art of the VC No. Saying No is their business (from thousands of business plans to a handful of investments), and Bill explains how it’s hard to say No, common ways of doing it and his reasonable approach.

Create Your Entrepreneur Dream Team

I hear it all the time. “What should I do about . . .?” As a business owner you’re faced with the daunting task of making all the decisions that affect your business.

Differentiation — Smart Marketing Strategies for the Solo Entrepreneur

Are you ever frustrated or hesitant when you talk to prospective customers because you can’t readily explain why they should come to you rather than go to your competitors?