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How SHOULD Employees Use Social Media?
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A recent study found that 54% of businesses prohibit employee social media use completely. There are valid arguments supporting both sides of this debate. We’ve seen quite a few news stories in recent months about social media policies coming to light.

Companies Struggle with Social Media and Employee Discipline

The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) and the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) have conducted yet another social media-related survey, finding that company policies have not yet caught up with the incredible growth in social media use among employees. The survey looked at what management is doing to manage employee social media use.

Google Reiterates Proposition 8 Opposition
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Sergey BrinGoogle is calling for Proposition 8 opposition support. A post on the Official Google Blog talks about the company’s opposition to legislation that eliminates the right of same-sex couples to marry. Back in September, Google Co-founder Sergey Brin posted this:

Employees Overwhelmingly Confident About Layoffs
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Employees in the U.S. seem to overwhelmingly share a "it won’t happen to me" attitude when it comes to losing jobs. Glassdoor.com has released results from a survey, which found that 4 out of 5 employees have no concerns about being laid off in the next six months.

GlassDoor breaks it down into two categories – companies that have reported upcoming layoffs, and companies that have not:

WebProNews Knows How to Have a Good Time
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We at iEntry (publishers of WebProNews) had our big party day for the fall season the other day. This is something we do twice a year (three if you count the Christmas Party). In the spirit of camaraderie, the staff of iEntry get together and go out for a night on the town (of Lexington, KY). We generally start at the racetrack and then head off for some dinner and barhopping.

Survey: Canned IT Employees Will Steal Your Info

Cyber-Ark"Exercise extreme caution when it comes to dismissing employees with knowledge of your IT systems," warns security vendor Cyber-Ark Software.

Zappos Will Pay You To Quit

As this past year at Yahoo! has been my first year working for what I’d consider to be a large company, I’ve become more interested in strategies around running and operating companies efficiently. My past experiences have been with startups or small companies where a lot of the challenges that larger companies face don’t exist.

Life After Google

Wired’s Betsy Schiffman compiled a list of ex-Google employees doing their own start-ups now or joining companies… which may or may not become Google competition. From Vanessa Fox to Kevin Fox, Biz Stone to Evan Williams, Jess Lee and others. An “attack against the mother ship,” as Henry Blodget called it.

Google Lets Go Of Postini Employees?

Last week, all eyes were on AOL, and perhaps even Yahoo, to see if employees would be let go prior to Christmas.  Now a surprising rumor has spread that Google filled the Grinch’s role by firing around 60 former Postini employees.

Bonnie Brown On Massaging Google Geeks
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Bonnie Brown was working as massage therapist at Google from 1999 to 2004. Before that, she ran a private school for 10 years. Now, Bonnie is traveling and also wrote a book called Giigle: How I Got Lucky Massaging Google. I met up with her on Google Talk (the transcript below has spellchecking and punctuation added).

WebTrends CMO Departs
Nov 1st I reported about the management shakeup at Webtrends. The I did a follow-up after talking to several employees of Webtrends regarding these changes.

IT Managers Stressed By Employees

IT managers are more worried about end users creating a problem for their IT Systems than about attacks from hackers, according to the, "2007 State of Security Report", sponsored by Websense.

Highlights from Blogging for Business Conference

The Blogging for Business Conference was held 22 October 2007 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Employees Still Prefer Email To Communicate

More than 70 percent of workers say that email is the most productive communication tool according to a survey from IT consulting firm Dimension Data Holdings.

Plane Crash Killed Two Microsoft Employees
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Two Microsoft employees were among the victims of the sky diving plane crash in the Cascades that happened Sunday.

Seeking Well-Rounded Employees

It might sound like a wacky idea, but one that is quickly gaining popularity in the business world. The idea of IT savvy folks with enough business understanding to make things happen is getting more social pressure from companies and IT departments.

Unions Call for Workplace Facebook Guidelines

The TUC, the organization representing trade unions in the UK, adds its voice to the big debate on what to do about Facebook and employee use.

In a practical approach to an issue that some companies see as a problem that can be solved only by banning it from the workplace, the TUC says that’s not the best approach:

Getting Better Employees Than Google
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Google offers its employees an amazing collection of perks, but other companies need workers, too, and those companies don’t want to deal exclusively with Mountain View’s leftovers.  So Forbes’s Brian Caulfield figured out several ways to compete with Google during the hiring process.

The Ban on Employees Accessing Facebook

Earlier this month, in FIR #254, Shel and I discussed quite an interesting story of what one company did regarding employee access to and use of Facebook.

IBM Sets Virtual World Rules for Employees

IBM’s guidelines for employee bloggers are fairly well known among people who pay attention to such things. Now, IBM has become (as far as I know) the first company to establish a policy for employees who venture into Second Life and other virtual words.

DoubleClick Employees Eat At Google

I’ve been to the Googleplex a grand total of one time, but while there, I didn’t pass up the opportunity to eat a hot fudge sundae.  It turns out that DoubleClick employees in New York have been benefiting from a similar arrangement (although this one has greater implications for the business world).

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