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Amazon Hiring 50,000 People for the Holiday Season

With the holiday season fast approaching, retailers need to reinforce their workforce to handle the increased business that comes with the period. This year, Amazon has just announced that they will add more than 50,000 temporary jobs (seasonal positions) at their fulfillment centers across the U.S. “In addition to the thousands of people we’ve hired for full-time jobs this year, …

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Two Password Protection Bills Signed in California

A few months ago, multiple reports surfaced of employers abusing their power to extract social media passwords from current of prospective employees – and the topic gained a lot of traction around the country. Bills were introduced in state legislatures as well as on the national level to deal with the practice of employers asking for employee passwords. Lawmakers succeeded …

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Google Employees Get Awesome Benefits on Both Sides of the River Styx

It’s common knowledge that it’s pretty awesome to work for Google. They’ve received a substantial amount of publicity for their top-notch employee benefits, which extend far beyond great health coverage and a great work environment. But did you know that Google cares for their employees even when they’re no longer Google employees? No I don’t mean when they get fired, …

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Don’t Check Your Email While Reading This – It Will Save Your Life

Are you one of those types that has a strict policy of not checking your work email when you’re not at work? If you are, good on you because you’re doing you and your heart a huge favor. In fact, you could do yourself an even bigger favor by not checking your work email so much when you’re also at …

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