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An iSCSI debate….

I loved Chuck Hollis’ (EMC) blog, and equally enjoyed both Dave Hitz and Tony Asaro’s responses. With EMC, Netapp, and another ESG’er pontificating on an issue, it must be good.

EMC Re-Org

Here’s ESG’s take on EMC’s org changes announced this morning:

Notes From EMC’s ETS

I didn’t attend, but Tony Prigmore, Tony Asaro, Brian Garrett, and Mark Bowker of ESG did. Some interesting things:

EMC Raps Storage Arrays With DMX-3

The company announced its largest and fastest storage solution on Monday, the Symmetrix DMX-3.

Acronym Alert: EMC To Release DMX-3, IBM VP Unimpressed

Described in smug detail by IBM as “monolithic,” EMC’s new Symmetrix DMX-3 data-storage system will be biggest system on the market, just shy of a beached whale.

EMC Envisions Invista Virtualization

The product sounds groovy, but it’s all business as the storage and management company debuts a new storage solution.

Hewlett Packard And EMC Settle Lawsuits

Long-running patent suits between the two technology companies finally come to a close with a settlement.

IBM And Network Appliance Agree To Partnership, Targeting EMC

With the promise of offering a “Lifeline to Clients Locked in by EMC,” Network Appliance and IBM have agreed to a partnership, which see IBM offering storage solutions based on the Network Appliance attached storage architecture, including the related software.

EMC Unveils Centera Search and Reporting Software

EMC has unveiled software that allows customers to more effectively search, retrieve and utilize active enterprise archives created with EMC Centera content addressed storage (CAS).