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Generation Google: True and False

Kids these days. All crazy with the texting and the AIM and the Facebook and the Google. I just don’t understand them.

Education and Marketing

The smallest remarks can sometimes spur the greatest conversations.

PBS Site for Kids 3 to 6

Small children are fighting their parents for the mouse these days.

Pretty soon they’ll demand their own laptops and want money to spend on their own music and web sites.

Researchers Scoff At Google Generation
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The kids may be able to fly around the web at ludicrous speed, but if a basic search can’t find what they want, they could have a tough time digging up more information.

Search Tool for Colleges Emerges

College Kingdom has launched new search tools for students, or anyone for that matter, to search over seven thousand colleges’, universities’, career schools’, and adult education programs’ websites all at once.

College Kingdom   Google Custom Search

Google & Wikipedia Banned in School Again

So another college professor has banned Wikipedia (and Google). Oh, woe is me. The world is ending. Oh, the stifling of creative thought at institutions of higher learning these days. Censorship! Censorship!


Treat Readers Like High Schoolers to Gain Subscribers

At least when it comes to their reading comprehension.

It makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Less people will complete a doctorate as will complete a four year undergraduate degree. Less people will compete a four year degree as will graduate high school. Less education usually means less reading and less reading leads to a lower level of reading comprehension. If the words and sentences you use are too complex a number of people who might otherwise appreciate what you have to say may have trouble following how you’re saying it.

Pageflakes Has Been Working within Social & Education

Below is an update on what Pageflakes has been working on within the topics of social and education.

First some background on Pageflakes

Google, Microsoft Compete For College Email
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Universities have been opting for email services managed by Microsoft or Google as a desirable alternative to running email as an in-house operation.

AOL Spreads Its Privacy Education Program

AOL announced a program that will help Internet users understand behaviorally targeted advertising, along with providing mechanisms for opting out of such targeting.

Online Courses Catching On With Students

Blackboard Inc. and Project Tomorrow have released "Learning in the 21st Century: A National Report of Online Learning." The report examines the role online learning has on students and teachers.

Interview with Web Analyst Manoj Jasra

Continuing my series of interviews with Web Analysts, here is an interview with Manoj Jasra.

Interview with Web Analyst Stephane Hamel

Continuing my series of interviews with Web Analyst, here is an interview with Stephane Hamel.

YouTube 101, Just Because

Your first reaction to the news that a college offers a class in YouTube might be to dredge up old "underwater basket-weaving" jokes; learning the school is in California, might be less surprising – after all, Stanford offers a course in Facebook apps.

Google Presently – Presentation App

The Inquirer reports that Google may soon deploy slideshow presentation creation and display software which they’ll call “Presently”. This application was apparently developed out of code that Google got with their acquisition of Zenter and Tonic Systems earlier this year.

The new presentation software will join the other Google Apps suite of products which include Google Spreadsheets, Google Write, and Gmail.

Google Apps Education Edition Spreads South

It’s been horribly hot lately, so I’m guessing that Google’s secret network of weather machines isn’t yet up and running.  But the search giant is bringing a sort of relief to five of America’s southern colleges; the universities will receive Google Apps Education Edition.

Education Popular Topic With Online Teens

Ninety-six percent of U.S. teens and tweens with online access use social networking functions, such as chatting, text messaging, blogging and visit online communities such as Facebook and MySpace according to new study by the National School Boards Association and Grunwald Associates.

This Is Your Brain On Wi-Fi…

It’s comforting (in a morbid, misery-loves-company-kind-of-way) that educational systems in other countries have problems. We hear a lot about Asia kicking our butts, especially in math and science, but we don’t hear of jolly old England’s technophobic teachers very often.

Google Extends Apps To Non-Profits

Registered non-profit organizations in the United States will be able to use the Google Apps Education Edition for their communication needs.

Microsoft, Houghton Mifflin Help Kids

When you read about publishers on WebProNews, it tends to be because Google’s doing something with them.  This time, however, Houghton Mifflin is in the news, and it’s Microsoft, not Google, with which the company has been associated.

Double Dipping in Google’s Organic Results

Subdomain Spam

Since Google has been over-representing site authority in their relevancy algorithms many sites like eBay have begun abusing the hole with the use of infinite subdomains. These techniques not only effect branded search results, but also carry over to many other competitive keywords.