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Facebook To Show Users Less Text Status Updates From Pages

Last month, Facebook launched what some considered to be its “Panda update”. The company revealed that it had tweaked the News Feed algorithm to promote higher quality content, and essentially give more weight to news stories over memes and similar content. Facebook has now announced a further tweak. The News Feed now treats text status updates from pages differently than …

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Facebook Messes With News Feed Again, Presents New Visibility Challenges

Facebook has been messing around with the way the News Feed works again, even as many people are still waiting to even get access to the “new” News Feed design the company unveiled all the way back in March. This has implications not only for users, but for businesses who rely on reaching customers in one of the most-viewed spots …

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New Facebook Features Make It Easier for Users to Receive More Content from Pages They Like

In the past month, Facebook has been accused of slightly altering their EdgeRank algorithm – the one that determines what posts show up in your news feed. There has been widespread criticism from many page owners, who claim that their posts are becoming less and less visible on their fans’ news feeds due to the change. The theory coming out …

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Facebook Sponsored Stories: Unavoidable For Brands?

Facebook is going public soon. You already knew that I’m sure. You probably also know that Facebook makes most of its money from ads. Not all of it, but a very significant portion. If the company’s relationship with Zynga ever sours, it may have to rely on ad revenue even more. There is still plenty of room for Facebook to …

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