Trust and the Importance of Repetition

Trust and the Importance of Repetition

By Krishna De January 25, 2011 | 2 Comments

It’s that time of year again that we can look forward to the Edelman Trust Barometer which was published today. There are some important insights for corporate communicators and I have summarised a few that caught my attention.

Spyware Pops Drove Video Traffic

Several video-oriented websites received illicit boosts in their traffic from third-party ad popups that occurred on people’s PCs. Those machines had been infected by spyware, which powered those popups.

Unspinning PR

Nearly 150 people crowded into a private room at the Slug & Lettuce pub in London’s Soho last night for PR Unspun, an event organized by Chinwag Live.

PC Mag May Boycott Edelman PR
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Transparency is a word that’s been kicked around a lot lately. But too much transparency is what got Edelman PR pro and blogebrity Steve Rubel kicked around this week, instead. An early Friday 13th comment about PC Magazine is fueling a potential boycott, as well as fulfilling what the PR world had feared about blogging.

From the New Communications Forum

I’m in Las Vegas, but what happens here definitely won’t stay here. I’ll blog pretty regularly from the New Communications Forum, which begins this morning with pre-conference sessions, two in the morning and two (including the one I’m conducting on podcasting) in the afternoon.

The conference proper gets underway tomorrow with a keynote by David Weinberbger. Among the sessions I’m anxious to attend:

Mesh 2007 is a Go

Houston, we have liftoff.

Edelman and Microsoft Laptop Kerfuffle in PR Week

PR Week UK has a full-page feature on page 18 of this week’s edition (Jan 12 cover date) about the Edelman/Microsoft Vista blogger relations kerfuffle entitled “Are freebies a blogosphere taboo?”

The Great PR Screw-up

The phrase “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” seems to be an appropriate idiom to describe a developing kerfuffle surrounding Microsoft’s latest blogger outreach campaign ahead of the launch of Windows Vista at the end of January.

Edelman Clarifies Vista Giveaway

The angst of bloggers who admitted to receiving choice AMD laptops loaded with Windows Vista received an injection of drama as PR firm Edelman has now asked for the goodies to be returned or given away after being reviewed.

Microsoft and Edelman Make Two Mistakes

I wasn’t going to share my thoughts on Microsoft sending out free laptops to some A-list bloggers.

Payola Becomes Blogola, Courtesy of Microsoft

Ethics and public relations in the blogosphere have taken a severe beating in 2006. Phony bloggers. Diggers paid to digg. Bloggers paid to post. It all culminates in the sketchiest move yet as bloggers begin receiving top-of-the-line laptops on their doorsteps, loaded with Windows Vista, courtesy of Microsoft, AMD and Edelman.

Edelman Tries PR Microformat

Phil Gomes shares some perspective and insight on Edelman’s approach to the Social Media Press Release.

Attention on Second Life

It’s coming thick and fast now – commentary and news on which business is doing what in Second Life.

Does PR add value to the blogosphere?

On November 1, I posted an item to this blog, part of the ongoing Edelman/Wal-Mart kerfuffle. In that post, I noted that the interview Edelman CEO Richard Edelman gave to IT World would be dissected, “the group of bloggers who don’t like PR people being in the blogosphere,” as Richard put it. In response, Amy Bellinger commented:

Edelman Goes on Record

A quick search of Technorati reveals not much awareness yet in the PR corner of the blogosphere that Richard Edelman gave a detailed interview to IT World on the recent brouhaha over the “Wal-Marting Across America” flog.

Edelman Has Been Through Enough

I’m sure you’ve all seen some family-oriented TV show in which the teenager screws up big-time. When finally confronted by his parents, the teen is shocked that there will be no further punishment. “You’ve been punished enough,” the understanding parent says.

Edelman, Karma’s Not Just For Earl Anymore

Fortunately, for all things pure and noble, this new free marketplace of ideas works as a circle – what goes around comes around eventually. Wal-Mart and Edelman, meet your blogospheric comeuppance, served with a side of cold irony.