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Dwolla Pound Lets You Pay By Tweeting

Dwolla announced a new feature today called Dwolla Pound that lets you send payments to friends by simply tweeting. “This makes it easy to send money to friends, nonprofits or even merchants without having to login to the Dwolla mobile app,” the company says in a blog post. A couple weeks ago, they launched guest payments, enabling users to pay …

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Dwolla Now Lets You Pay For Stuff Online Without An Account

Dwolla, the online payments startup that made a name for itself with an investment from celebri-preneur Ashton Kutcher, is now offering a payment option that you don’t even have to have an account to use. “Today,” Dwolla says, “is about addressing one of our own shortcomings: the ‘chicken or the egg’ dilemma. This metaphor is meant to explain the difficulty …

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Reddit Just Got More Charitable Thanks To These New Fundraising Options

Reddit announced a pair of new tools for reddit-related fundraising today. One of the tools has already seen a bit of action, and the other is totally new. “For a while now, we’ve been trying to help encourage some additional tools for redditors to be able to collectively raise funds,” says erik [hueypriest] on the reddit blog. “For nonprofit projects …

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Here’s This Year’s Inc. 30 Under 30 List

Inc.com has unveiled the 30 Under 30 list for 2012. On the list, you’ll find the co-founders of Pinterest, the founder of Spotify, and the founder of Dwolla (the mobile payments platform that Ashton Kutcher is investing in), just to name a few. “These 30 extraordinary risk-taking companies and their leaders are pushing boundaries and making money in the process,” …

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Why Ashton Kutcher Is Investing In Dwolla

A couple weeks ago, we wrote about Dwolla, an Iowa-based startup in the payments space. It drew more attention than the typical payments startup may, because it attracted the investment of celebrity Ashton Kutcher (though hardly his first investment in the tech sector). Dwolla’s Caitlin Jones tells WebProNews, “Ashton is attracted to companies that solve real problems for real people. …

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Ashton Kutcher Invests in Dwolla

Ashton Kutcher, a longtime investor in all things tech, has told the The Des Moines Register yesterday that he’s invested in Iowa smartphone payment startup Dwolla. Dwolla defines itself amongst other similar platforms, like Jack Dorsey’s Square Inc., by being a cash-based payment network – a peer-to-peer platform to transfer funds without the fees – or physical credit cards. The …

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