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Want to Learn Klingon? Duolingo’s Working on It

Popular language tutorial app Duolingo has just added a new language. No, it’s not Japanese (as people have been clamoring over for some time). In fact, this language didn’t even exist 40 years ago. Duolingo wants to teach you Klingon. Yep, the language of the Klingons, which first appeared in 1979’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture, will soon be an …

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You Can Now Run Android Apps On Chromebooks

Google has been hinting at merging Chrome OS and Android into one operating system in one way or another for years. It’s also suggested that it won’t do that. While the operating systems are hardly one now, Google has indeed taken another step in a somewhat similar direction by enabling Android app compatibility with Chrome OS. At Google I/O this …

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Minecraft, Candy Crush, Duolingo Snag Top App Store Honors

Apple is the latest to reveal their 2013 year-in-review, and their editor’s pick for best app of the year is free language learning app Duolingo. Apple describes the app, which finally opened wide to the public in June of 2012, as “fantastically well-designed and easy to use.” Duolingo offers free language learning via a series of translation mini-games and at …

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To Keep the Service Free, Duolingo Is Now Powering CNN & BuzzFeed’s Translations

Duolingo is two things, really. It’s a language-learning app, for one. But it’s also a giant crowdsourced translation hub, as the very students (users) who learn new languages with the app are the ones helping to translate site and documents all over the web. Duolingo has just announced that they have increased the focus and intensity of that model by …

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Duolingo Finally Launches an iPad App

Duolingo, the free language learning service with a wonderfully simply, but brilliant premise, has finally optimized their iOS app to be fully functional on the iPad. And they haven’t just made the previous iOS app bigger – they’ve added a new sidebar that makes learning languages on the iPad a more immersive experience. With the new iPad app, Duolingo says …

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Duolingo Opens To The Public After 125,000 Users Translated 75 Million Sentences During Beta

Way back in November of 2011, Duolingo opened up their private beta and was hit with a flood of excitement in the form of invite requests. “People asking me for Duolingo invites: Patience, grasshoppers,” said creator Luis von Ahn. For those of you who never got in, or who are just hearing about it for the first time and want …

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