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Apple Supplier Elpida Bought By Micron Technology

Micron Technology has announced that they have entered into a sponsor agreement to acquire Elpida Memory, Inc. for ¥60 billion ($750 million). Under the agreement Micron assumes all of Elpida’s assets, including its 65% stake in another chip manufacturer, Rexchip. Between the Elpida acquisition and a separate purchase of Powerchip’s 24% stake in Rexchip, Micron gains an 89% stake in …

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Samsung Shows Off Advanced Smartphone SDRAM Technology

Speaking at this year’s International Solid-State Circuits Conference, which ends today, Samsung unveiled their new LPDDR3 DRAM chips. The new chips decrease power consumption over the LPDDR2 chips, drawing 1.2V of power. The 4 Gigabit chips also enjoy a major increase in data transfer speeds, with speeds reaching 6.4 Gigabits per second (Gbps). The chips represent a significant advance in …

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