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Feedly And Evernote Go Down, Hit By DDoS Attacks

No, it’s not just you. Feedly is down because it’s been attacked. In fact, both Feedly and Evernote were hit by denial of service attacks. Evernote says it’s back up and running now, but notes that there could still be some hiccups in service. Feedly is still down. Here’s a sequence of tweets from Evernote explaining its situation: Evernote service …

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Matt Cutts Talks About Site Downtime’s Impact On Rankings

Google has released a new Webmaster Help video with Matt Cutts addressing the question: If my site goes down for a day, does that affect my rankings? Sound familiar? I thought so too. Earlier this year, Cutts did a similar video addressing the question: How do I get my search rankings back after my site has been down? Here’s the …

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Getting Google Rankings Back After Site Downtime

The latest Google Webmaster Help video deals with getting your site’s rankings back after experiencing some downtime. Google’s Matt Cutts will often provides answers to his own questions in these videos. This time the question comes from Googler Pierre Far, a Webmaster Trends analyst at Google UK. The question is: My website was down for a couple of days and …

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Facebook Downtime In Europe Caused By DNS Change

If you recall, Facebook went down for a lot of Europe yesterday afternoon. Everybody’s “favorite” Anonymous troll began taking credit even though it was obvious that he was just taking advantage of the situation. The most telling evidence was when he began asking the BBC to change a story about Facebook downtime from six months ago. That still leaves open …

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Facebook Outage Reported By Various Twitter Users

Having too many outages wasn’t listed in the risk factors of Facebook’s filing, so they’re probably not too concerned about it, but they do happen sometimes. In fact, some people have been tweeting about Facebook downtime today, less than 24 hours since the filing was made public (hat tip: NY Daily news). @suandiSuandiFacebook down earlier today; The Hunger Games to …

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