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Google “Believes” The Doorway Page Algorithm Update Has Rolled Out

Last month, Google announced that it’s cracking down on doorway pages with a new ranking adjustment. At the time, the company said this would launch soon, but didn’t give an exact time frame. It appears that now, the update has already been rolled out. SEOs and webmasters have apparently been largely unable to tell if the the update ever launched, …

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Google Just Announced Another New Ranking Adjustment

Google just announced that it is cracking down on doorway pages with a new ranking adjustment, which will launch soon. Do you think doorways pages have been a noticeable problem in search results? Share your thoughts in the comments. Doorway pages have historically been known as pages created specifically to get in search results for various queries, and then send …

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Google Penguin Update: Seriously, Avoid Doorway Pages

If you want to avoid Google’s Penguin update (or recover from it), you’re going to have to make sure your site falls in line with Google’s quality guidelines. We’ve been posting various articles on these guidelines, such as: Google Penguin Update: Don’t Forget About Duplicate Content Google Penguin Update: A Lesson In Cloaking Google Penguin Update Recovery: Hidden Text And …

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Matt Cutts: Excessive Blog Updates To Twitter Not Doorways, But Possibly Annoying

Google’s head of webspam took on an interesting question from a user in a new Webmaster Help video: Some websites use their Twitter account as an RSS like service for every article they post. Is that ok or would it be considered a doorway? I know he shoots these videos in advance, but the timing of the video’s release is …

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