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Search Engines: Release DOJ Data

After all, as Cory Doctorow et al at BoingBoing point out, if there is no personally identifiable information in the data, there is no reason to keep it from being posted for review.

DOJ May One Day Try to Break Up Google

In chapter eight John Battelle’s incredible book, The Search, he astutely predicted that Google would increasingly fall under the watchful eye of the US government.

Why Wont Google Comply W/ DOJ Subpoena…

…and what does this move mean for online advertisers?

Gonzales V. Google Date Set

Judge James Ware of the US District Court in San Jose will hear arguments on February 27th from both sides over Google’s refusal to comply with federal subpoenas from August 2005.

Leahy Calls For DOJ Google Explanation

US Senator Pat Leahy (D-Vt) has sent a written request to US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales for more information about Justice’s legal action against Google.

DOJ v. Google: Not About Porn Or Privacy

Google’s refusal to turn over a sample of search queries to the Department of Justice has caused a flurry of speculation about privacy issues, the government’s right to demand that information, what further information the government would demand, and Google’s true reasoning for denying the request. Of course, if you looked at the mainstream media coverage of the event, you might believe the issue revolves around kiddie porn and Google’s protection of it.

About that DOJ Request

I’ve waited several days and thought quite a bit before saying anything about the Department of Justice asking search engines for search data.

Google-DOJ Tussle On ABC News

The mainstream media smelled the blood in the water and rushed to cover the now-public battle between the Department of Justice and Google over giving the government access to reams of search data.

DoJ Turning Movie Pirate Into Salisbury Steak

A Missouri man has been indicted under provisions of the recently passed Family Entertainment and Copyright Act.

KPMG Desperate For Deal With DOJ

Accusations of improprieties in the sales of tax shelters have KPMG facing Arthur Andersen’s fate.

KPMG Claims Responsibility for Former Parters As DOJ Investigates

The Department of justice has launched a criminal investigation into illegal tax shelter services previously offered by former partners of accounting firm KPMG LLP.

DOJ Gives Cingular Approval To Purchase AT&T Wireless

The Department of Justice announced today that it has reached a settlement requiring Cingular Wireless Corporation to divest assets in 13 markets in order to proceed with Cingular Wireless’s $41 billion acquisition of AT&T Wireless.